What is NICKMERCS PKM Load Call of Duty? In Warzone.

NICKMERCS is always innovative when it comes to unloading, և its latest PKM download is “Call of Duty. “Warzone” stormed.

War zone Players often look for the best unloading from professional players և broadcasters. It’s no secret that NICKMERCS is one of the most popular streams և one of the dominant players in the surrounding Warzone.

While the LMG class declined slightly with Warzone Season 3, NICKMERCS attempted to restore PKM. He did it with incredible load, showing the power of the LMG.

NICKMERCS PKM Load Call of Duty: For Warzone

The PKM is from Modern Warfare է is one of the slowest weapons of all Call of Duty: Warzone:As an LMG, it can fire weapons at enemies in person, clearing them from almost any area.

The downside is the speed and control mentioned above. It needs some help if players want to count every hit. That’s why NICKMERCS downloads are so good.

Watch the video above to see how NICKMERCS puts this PKM Warzone load to the test. After that, do not hit the Verdansky 84 with this set of attachments to crush the opponents.


  • Snout:Monolithic pressure
  • Barrel: 26.9 “Elongated barrel
  • Optical:VLK 3.0x optical
  • Stock fundFORGE TAC Stalker:
  • Underground barrelTo grip

Everyone knows the monolithic pressure gauge. It reigns supreme in terms of Warzone attachments. The PKM will be silent, արագ the velocity of the bullet increases, effectively increasing its range of damage.

The barrel attachment is unique to PKM. The speed of ADS and the speed of movement are reduced, but the range of damage, the speed of the ball նելու the control of falling back get a huge boost.

For optics, NICKMERCS goes with VLK 3.0x Optic. This is a simple Warzone optics that allows players to get a solid idea of ​​the opponents in different areas. 3.0x magnification is simple.

FORGE TAC Stalker is a Warzone attachment that secures the PKM landing with a steady strike. Although the movement speed of the target walks decreases, the stability of the goal increases.

The last attachment of NICKMERCS is inserted War zone Download PKM is a Snatch Grip subroutine. The speed of movement is reversed, but the positives are the modernization of feedback control և ADS speed.

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