Shingo Takagi wins IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

Shingo Takagi finally won the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. In the main event of Dominion 6.6, Dragon lost sharply Kazuchika Okada to win a vacancy.

After a match lasting more than 30 minutes, Shingo Takagi hit Okada with the “Last Dragon” to secure the victory. Although Okada did its best to beat Takagi, the former IWGP heavyweight champion failed to claim victory. Okada was considered the favorite to win the vacant title of the tournament.

Shingo Takagi of Will Osprey failed to win the IWGP World Weightlifting Championships at this year’s Wrestling Dontaku. The loss meant he could no longer beat Ospreay just one month after their clash in the New Japan Cup 2021 final.

However, forcing Osprey to miss the IWGP World Weightlifting Championships due to a neck injury, Shingo Takagi was selected by the NJPW as one of the leaders to compete for the vacant title.

In front of him in the ring was Okada, a former multiple IWGP heavyweight champion. Rainmaker was originally scheduled to compete for the Ospreay title at this year’s Grand Slam Wrestling Show at the Tokyo Dome, but the event was eventually canceled.

Shingo Takagi’s first title defense also seems to be confirmed after Dominion 6.6

Kazuchika summons former champion Shingo Takagi after cruel game against Okada Kota IbushiThe Gold Star is the first IWGP World Heavyweight Champion to unite the belts shortly after his victory in Wrestle Kingdom 15.

However, in his first defense at the IWGP World Heavyweight Championships, Ibushi lost the title to Osprey at Sakura Genesis. The Golden Star now has the chance to become a two-time IWGP heavyweight world champion.

In the “Dominion”, Ibushi defeated FF Kob in a cruel game of the co-chairs and called him Takagi. Dragon has made it clear that his first title defense will be against Ibushi, it’s only a matter of time before NJPW: confirms the meeting.

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