Mickey James Ames on his current wrestling career

Previous: WWE: Superstar: Mickey James Ames Many wrestling fans and critics consider her one of the best female wrestlers of all time. Mickey James Ames gave an emotional response as he discussed his next prolific career.

The three-time TNA knockout champion was released in April, along with other stars Samoa, Billy Kay, Peyton Royce, Mickey James Ames, Chelsea Green, Callisto, Bo Dallas, Tucker և Wesley Blake as part of recent budget cuts.

Talking to Tommy Dreamer և Dave LaGreca Broken open radio, Mickey James Ames found out that he was heartbroken about his current wrestling career, but mentioned that he was working on something new.

“I’m so nervous because I really do not know what to do,” said James Ames. “I know, I’m working on something. I’m working on my little project և we’ll see what happens there. Obviously I have Legacy add-ons, I մասնակց participate in reservations և bookings, but really – when I talked to you with Tommy [Dreamer] և I was like myself. I do not even know how I feel. In a way, I’m so heartbroken, you know? I’m not going to cry But I’m a little heartbroken in business because it ‘s a little frustrating. That’s all. ” (TV): AND OST IN WRESTLING)

Mickey James Ames is a famous wrestling star, he, has the talent և years of experience to succeed in any promotion.

Nick Aldis on Mickie James’ WWE release

NWA World Weightlifting Champion Nick Aldis
NWA World Weightlifting Champion Nick Aldis

Mickey James Ames is married to current NWA World Weightlifting Champion Nick Aldis. Talking about Mickey James Ames getting rid of WWE Turnbuckle Sessions:, Nick Aldis mentioned that he is grateful to WWE և McMahons for providing him with a good life for many years.

“From a personal point of view, you know, no matter what people may think about different things or different things that happen, I as a man will always be grateful to Vince McMahon և McMahons և WWE, you know company, “To provide a good livelihood for my wife for so many years, in turn providing a significant revenue stream for Aldis businesses, so you know that’s what it is,” said Nick Aldis.

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