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Just Astin Trudeau is a liar.

The Prime Minister of Canada has proved that he is a countless chameleon who, when the circumstances force him, agrees to be photographed in self-portraits, to spoil the key murmurs, all with the sincerity of a mannequin.

New evidence of Trudeau’s fragile, false nature has been received 215 Indigenous children in the mass grave of an abandoned “residential school” abandoned in British Columbia 215 For the rough discovery of the remains of Indigenous children.

These abducted children make up more than 150,000 indigenous children who have been systematically stolen from their parents, homes, and nations for more than a century, then dressed like puppets and stuffed into camps militarily run by Catholic zealots. He suffered from insults to the mind, body and spirit.

More than 6,000 indigenous children died in these immigration camps. Victims of religious indoctrination, loneliness, disease, neglect, cruelty, famine and sexual violence, which together constituted genocide punished by the state.

When news broke in late May that Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation had discovered a mass grave containing many children, three of whom were three years old, Trudeau’s first motive was to rush to a passing social media platform to share an empty message when it was time to stop. և decency demanded a serious և solemn response.

“The news that was left in the former Camloops residential school breaks my heart. It is a painful reminder of that dark and shameful chapter in the history of our country. I think of everyone who has been affected by this disturbing news. We are here for you, “Trudeau wrote on Twitter on May 28, carefully maintaining the 280-character limit of the online platform.

It is necessary to dismantle Trudeau’s surprisingly small tweet to find out not only the flexibility of his signature, but also this title of Prime Minister, the unbridled nature and historical ignorance.

The fact that the bodies of hundreds of children were found years later in the area of ​​the immigration camp where they were persecuted and died alone is “not disturbing news.”

It is, to be more precise, further evidence of the genocide that took place and is now being carried out by white settlers against indigenous peoples, who generally reject or reject the notion that the First Nations of Canada existed; victims of the genocide.

This stubborn, widespread denial may lead to Trudeau’s ironic, clichéd conclusion that putting the bodies of native children in a gloomy, fragile pit “breaks my heart” is “a painful reminder of that dark and shameful head of our country.” history. “

The genocide of Indigenous peoples in Canada, according to Trudeau, is not simply a “chapter” in the “dark” history of the country, with a neat, understandable beginning and end.

On the contrary, it is, as one perceptive parliamentarian put it, “the whole conspiracy” of how the evangelical settlers deliberately and rudely went – from the Canadian Confederation in 1867. – to colonize և, if necessary, to eradicate the indigenous peoples և their old beliefs, customs and traditions as part of the policy of “killing an Indian child”.

Trudeau’s assertion that systematic, often destructive, atrocities against the First Nations of Canada “shameful” implies that most Canadians have confessed, let alone accepted, any measure of guilt for the horrors of indigenous children, women, and men in the name of God. – yesterday, today և tomorrow

They do not have.

Indeed, it was only in 2019 that, after some movement, Trudeau was forced to rudely “admit” that the country he ruled had committed genocide, but only against the “killed native girls” of women who had disappeared in recent decades.

And over the past week, I suspect that many Canadians were obsessed with two of their hockey rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens play-offs, which should have been more of a consideration than the disappearance of their nation’s guilt. the news. ” 215 small bodies in a mass grave, so many in small undiscovered bodies, so many in undiscovered mass graves.

As such, the “pain” that Canadians may feel after learning about home degeneration can be transient.

The long, negligible result of this result is clear. Trudeau և his dilemma’s predecessors again and again avoid the supposedly sacred promises to achieve “reconciliation”, to restore the abusive racism և inhuman rages that have plagued indigenous peoples.

They promised to address the persistent lack of clean access to drinking water and housing for indigenous peoples. They promised to address the violent abuse and neglect of indigenous peoples in hospitals. They promised shocking numbers to address indigenous prisons and suicides. They promised to address the murders of indigenous children և women և with equally astonishing numbers. Finally, they promised to solve the ongoing crime and looting of indigenous lands.

During all this time, in an act of blatant hypocrisy, Trudeau spent millions fighting in court against immigrant camp survivors to compensate for the indelible damage they had suffered.

Given the proliferation of lies and fabrications, Trudeau’s split, usually unnoticed as a greeting card greeting “We are here for you”, persuaded little more than party members or gullible people who were prepared to offer the Prime Minister or his criminal government a serious insult to Canada. to the peoples it was nothing but pure luxury.

Still, Trudeau is adept at conveying thin gravitations of fabric through invented, compelling performances of compassion.

Recall that Je Jejuna’s prime minister fell to his knees amid a comfortable spasm of media LMs’s alleged solidarity with the racist Black Lives Matter movement, a series of humiliating images հեռ a video showing an adult Trudeau who repeatedly wore a racist Black face

So when Trudeau’s initial response to the discovery of the mass grave was deemed inadequate, he did not dare to go into the depths of the monstrous find, prompting him to orderly lower the Canadian flag over the Ottawa Peace Tower and other federal buildings. ,

The symbolic order was intended not only to distort its critics but also to show that Trudeau և united the country through the memory of grief:.

It was another tired, unconvincing show.

A day later, on May 31, Trudeau sharpened his rhetoric, presumably impressing the “communities” of the First Nations that he really felt their pain.

“These are children who deserved to be happy. Most of all, they deserved security. As a father, I have no idea how my children will feel when they take me away. “And as prime minister, I am appalled by the shameful policies that have stolen indigenous children from their communities,” he said.

Ironically, Trudeau’s words, which were meant to promote his caring paternal credentials, confirmed much of his miserable character, the nausea of ​​double standards in the sanctity of life.

Remember that during the relentless 11-day bombardment of Gaza by Israel in May, 66 children were killed, mutilated, traumatized, orphaned so many others, all of whom deserved to be happy and safe. Trudeau never said he was “terrified.” the horror unleashed by Canada’s beloved friend, ally, on the once besieged Palestinians.

Remember that Trudeau never as a “father” began to mourn with Palestinian mothers, fathers who once had to boldly (not imagine) their sons, daughters suddenly “snatch” the ruthless, the occupation army was going to “chase apart” politics. “

Although divided by time and distance, this is an inescapable truth that connects children killed by Israel in a prison called Occupied Palestine, as well as indigenous children killed by Canada in prisons formerly known as “residential schools.” Their killers considered the children to be disposable,

Of course, Trudeau will never accept this truth, because instead he prefers to spin pleasant, picture-postcard-beautiful myths about who he is and what he is.

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