“I owe her everything” – AEW star sends a heartfelt message about Brett Hart

MORE: star Dux Harwood recently took to Twitter to share a heartfelt message about it Brett Hart, writing that the five-time WWE Champion was incomparable.

A&E has released a documentary about Hart, which tells the story of the legendary star’s wrestling career. It also sheds light on the infamous Montreal Screwjob incident, focusing on how Hart dealt with it after that.

During his legendary wrestling career, Brett Hart developed a loyal, tough fan, including FTR’s Duc Harwood.

The AEW star wrote in tweets that he can confidently say that there will be no more Brett Hart, that “The Hitman” is incomparable. Harwood also mentioned that he owes his entire wrestling career to Hart.

“In wrestling we always tend to say, ‘There will never be another.’ I can say with all my confidence that there will never be another wrestler like Brett Hart. No one compares. I owe him everything, “Dux Harwood wrote. ,

The former champion of the AEW Tag Team also became known about this past: how much Brett Hart influenced his teammate Cash Wheeler.

FTR could follow the team’s gold in the AEW

If this week’s AEW Dynamite’s crew of Chris ich Jericho և is a testimonial, then the Inner Ring Պ Pinnacle’s hostility is not over.

However, FTR already has to define its sights to restore the AEW Tag Team Championships. Harwood և Wheeler left the title The Young Bucks at AEW Full Gear 2020 ացին have stayed away from the title picture ever since.

Also, Inner Circle’s Ortiz և Santana, who were also hiding around, seemed like we could move on to a trilateral title dispute.

What do you think about the impact of Brett Hart on the modern wrestling business? Do you think FTR ousted the Young Bucks as AEW Tag Team Champions? In the comments section below, it sounds.

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