How Much Money Does Logan Paul Make From Boxing?

Although there are no official figures, Logan Paul He seems to have earned more than $ 20 million from his boxing career so far.

Logan Paul’s main reward for fighting him Floyd Mayweather $ 250,000 was set. Paul will also receive a ten percent stake in PPV sales of the overall fight. In total, “The Maverick” will earn about $ 20 million for this exhibition.

The base wallet of Logan Paul’s last fight, the restaurant rank against his friend YouTuber KSI, was set at $ 900,000. Their first fight was about $ 11 million in revenue.

Logan Paul had an impressive performance against Floyd Mayweather

Many did not expect Logan Paul to survive the entire struggle against Floyd Mayweather. But “Maverick” exceeded all expectations, as he not only stood his ground against one of the greatest boxers who ever lived, but also managed to strike some good blows to Mayweather.

The struggle was not without fun moments. Logan Paul hit Mayweather for a moment, and then unleashed a hilarious stream of wild fists.

Given that this is only Paul’s third trip to the square, you should lend it where it is needed. Prior to that, fighting only with a partner of YouTuber KSI, Logan Paul managed to do a much better job against Floyd Mayweather than anyone had predicted, including “Money”.

In the Co-Chairs’ fight, Badu Jack defeated Derwin Colina by TKO. In the fourth round, the fight was stopped twice before the final break.

Former NFL winner Chad Ochotsinko John Onson made his boxing debut in a four-round show against naked veteran Brian Maxwell. John Onson did well to give the whole fight, despite being knocked down in the last round.

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