EU capitals retaliate against claims by British Brexit minister to Northern Ireland

EU capitals have responded to comments by British Brexit minister Lord David Frost that the bloc should make more compromises on Northern Ireland in the wake of rising tensions ahead of this week’s EU-UK summit.

Frost, writes: Financial Times: On Sunday, he called on the EU to show “common sense” in easing checks on the border between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, while criticizing what he called the bloc’s “legal purity”.

“The EU needs a new book to deal with its neighbors,” Frost wrote, adding that he hoped to “see progress” in meeting with EU Brexit Commissioner Maros Sefchovich in London on Wednesday.

However, comments have been poorly received in the EU, which claims that it is working hard to address the difficulties faced by business people in Northern Ireland, with the post-Brexit customs և veterinary border between the region and the UK.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Cowen said on Twitter that Frost “continues to blame the EU for its incompetence due to the difficulties associated with the protocol.” That’s just not the case. “

Noting that the EU side “has consistently offered new solutions,” Cowney said. “Is it about media coverage in the UK or is it really about solving problems together?”

French Foreign Minister Clement Bonn also criticized Frost for his comments, saying that the Brexit system, designed to avoid the island’s rough border, could not be called into question following trade arrangements for Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Protocol, set out in the UK’s Brexit agreement with the EU, “is not a problem. “It’s the solution to a problem we didn’t create,” Bonn said.

Corridor sparring underscores the difficult negotiations that await the protocol. During the negotiations in 2019, Boris John Onson developed the system with the EU, but the real difficulties caused by the agreements have become an unpleasant political situation in the region.

Britain blames the EU for legal incompleteness, arguing that inspections could protect its domestic market from fraud and smuggling.

For its part, Brussels has focused on Britain’s refusal to sign a Swiss-style veterinary agreement with the EU, which would eliminate the need for multiple inspections. EU officials have also complained about slow progress by the UK in meeting its obligations, including real-time access to customs data.

The day-to-day issues of the protocol ranged from legal entanglements to the delivery of common medicines, to administrative barriers to traveling with accompanying dogs, to more general paperwork on food and livestock transportation.

In recent days, the EU has insisted that it is doing everything possible, including showing “creativity” around the protocol, trying to find solutions to problems on the ground.

Sefչovi է made efforts to facilitate the travel of dogs accompanying the British և Northern Ireland և and to reduce the burden of labeling on live animals.

EU officials also point to Brussels’ efforts to find a solution to the drug problem, which stems from EU rules governing regulatory authorizations to sell such products to pharmaceutical companies in a single market, including Northern Ireland.

But Brussels is increasingly frustrated by what it sees as Britain’s slowness in solving the EU’s problems.

“Patience is running out,” an EU official said on Friday. “We are working hard behind the scenes to find creative solutions, but we need the UK to stay on their side of the deal. We need trust. “Trust is a precondition for being able to offer new solutions.”

EU diplomats ը The European Commission is set to discuss preparations for talks with Frost this week at the UK’s working group meeting this afternoon.

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