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A few weeks after officially resigning as CEO of, Jeff Bezos plans to blow up space.

The billionaire founder of the Blue Origin space company announced on Monday that he will be one of the first flight crew members of his New Shepard rocket. He will be joined by his brother Mark Bezos.

“I dreamed of traveling to space at the age of five,” Bezos, 57, said in a video posted on Instagram. “On July 20, I will go on that road with my brother. The biggest adventure with my best friend. “

The Bezos brothers will be joined by four guides, including a private auction Blue Origin was launched in May to raise money for the Club for the Future charity. The mission of the non-profit organization is to promote science, mathematics, engineering and technology careers.

The final round of the auction will end on June 12 with a direct bid, as a result of which the winner will join the Bezos brothers for life. Highest current bid is $ 3.2 million,

Flight details:

Over the past few years, Blue Origin has spent its missile: crew capsule on 15 test flights to ensure it can safely transport people.

New Shepard rocket named after the first American in space, NASA astronaut Alan Shepard և The crew capsule is designed to carry six people և scientific equipment, just beyond the invisible line known as the Karma Line that separates the earth from space.

He uses the New Shepard capsule to return to Earth with parachutes [File: Blue Origin via AP]

To cross the Karma Line, which is 100 km (62 miles) above the planet Earth, the crew of the crew with guides is launched on top of the rocket. The rocket then “shut down” and landed while the capsule landed with a parachute before hitting the Texas desert.

The company’s last test flight, which took place in April, involved pre-field astronaut operations, during which company executives dressed as astronauts underwent tests and procedures, then disembarked before being eliminated.

According to Blue Origin, the exercise was “a test step for the car և before the astronauts flew.” The company says it is now ready to fly passengers in July.

Ero ro gravity tourism

Due to the huge windows of the capsule, the passengers will be revealed with cosmic, as well as epic views of the Earth.

The crew will spend about 11 minutes at zero gravity, where they can swim in the cabin until the craft returns to Earth.

“You see the earth from space, it changes you,” Bezos said in a video message on Monday. “It changes your relationship with this planet, humanity.”

Bezos’ participation in the flight could increase the value of the winning bid for the last place or lead to criticism, says Lori Garver, former deputy administrator of NASA.

This illustration by Blue Origin shows the capsule that the company intends to use to take tourists into space. [File: Blue Origin via AP]

“Personal participation in the flight is likely to increase interest,” Garver told Al Jazeera. “But it could be a response to the perceived” waste “of billionaires.

Bezos, his rivals Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, and Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Galactic, have all stated that they want to reduce the cost of space travel.

But so far only very wealthy individuals have been able to reserve seats on future flights or give them to others.

Billionaire Ared Arezakmann used his four seats on the first SpaceX flight to raise money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, donating it to an Arizona community college educator and former Washington Air Force rocket launcher. The flight is scheduled for mid-September.

Virgin Galactic, which plans to start flying humans in 2022, has announced several of its own routes, most recently by a cargo specialist named Kellie Gerardi.

As a researcher at the International Institute of Astronautics, next year the Era will explode during its flight to conduct research.

“This is an opportunity to set a precedent for the next generation of researchers,” Era Yard told Al Jazeera. “In the past, only a few people entered the area. “Now platforms like Virgin Galactic will allow researchers and scientists to fly into space under their own weight.”

With billionaires fighting billiards

Each space company has developed its own project for direct transportation.

Virgin Galactic relies on a rocket to transport its passengers to sub-organic space. Trave travelers will have about the same experience as those of Blue descent, although the view is from smaller windows.

Musk SpaceX is probably the most successful space rich effort to date, as the company has successfully relocated three different crews of astronauts to NASA’s International Space Station. Private astronaut flights are already on the books,

SpaceX’s lunar landing project eventually won NASA, but two other companies in the competition filed a lawsuit against the US space agency, claiming it had given Elon Musk an unfair advantage. [Courtesy: NASA]

Currently SpaceX և Blue Origin They are fighting over a multi-billion dollar contract Design and operate a human landing system as part of NASA’s efforts to return to the Moon. The US space agency has awarded SpaceX the only contract worth $ 2.9 billion, but Blue Origin և the third bidder, Dynetics, has filed a lawsuit over the process.

Bezos “Musk” is not lost, who after winning the contract with SpaceX openly mocked the style of Amazon’s main wardrobe.

In addition to competing with their companies, Bezos and Branson are locked in the race to become the first rich man to travel on their own, while Musk has taken a casual interest in spaceflight.

Branson has said he wants to fly the Virgin Galactic before greeting the passengers, while Musk has previously said he wants to go into space one day but has no final plans.

If all goes well, եզ Bezos will fly on July 20, he will also re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere with boastful rights.

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