Ali Abdelaziz Predicts Gil Ilbert Burns to Finish Stephen Thompson in Two Rounds at UFC 264

Ali Abdelaziz has ruled on the upcoming Gil Ilbert Burns և Steven Thompson fight. The MMA manager predicted that Burns would finish Thompson in two rounds at UFC 264.

Abdelaziz recently posted on his official Twitter account rallying over his views on the upcoming weightlifting bout Gilbert Burns և: Stephen Wonderbo Thompson,

The founder and CEO of Dominance MMA Management seems confident that his client, Gilbert Burns, will face a major weightlifting clash at UFC 264.

“I predict @GilbertDurinho: “Thompson finishes in two rounds,” Abdelaziz said.

Abdelaziz said Burns would secure a two-round victory over Thompson.

Gilbert Burns’s last fight was the defeat of TKO in the third round against UFC weightlifting champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 258 (February 2021). On the other hand, Steven Thompson’s latest UFC Fight Night tour. Thompson vs. It was Neal’s unanimous decision that won off of Nile (December 2020).

Gilbert Burns is currently ranked second in the UFC heavyweight division, while Steven Thompson is ranked fourth.

Needless to say, the winner of the tournament, which will take place h UFC 264 event full of stars, most likely, will strike a future blow to the UFC welterweight title.

Thompson is scheduled to meet with Burns on July 10, 2021.

Gilbert Burns vs. Stephen Thompson is an incredibly important fight

Gil Ilbert Burns (left);  Stephen Thompson (right)
Gil Ilbert Burns (left); Stephen Thompson (right)

The last fight of Gilbert Burns saw that he soon appeared in the title race. Although Usman stopped in three rounds of their fight, Burns praised him for knocking out the welterweight champion in the opening exchanges of the fight.

Much like Burns, Wonderboy has recently received a lot of praise from the MMA community.

After fighting for the UFC middleweight title twice before, Thompson went 1-2 in the next three fights.

Regardless, Thompson is now among the victors in the duel, impressively beating Vicente Luke եին off the Nile.

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