We will have the next one “- Tyson Fury’s father Dad’s Paul offers dating to fight Tommy Fury

John on Fury wants Ake Paul to fight his youngest son Tommy in a Tyson Fury յուր Deontay Wilder trilogy. The long-awaited fight will take place on July 24, 2021.

Von Fury’s proposal comes after a lengthy garbage conversation with Tommy և Paul. The YouTuber boxer has repeatedly called Fury Jr.’s brother, but to no avail. He also poking fun to the undefeated boxer to win the fight Andy Bishop, 38-year-old pugilist, professional boxing record 0-14.

Following Tommy Fury’s recent victory over Jordan Worm Grant, his father challenged Ake Yak Paul to compete in the July 24 boxing tournament.

“Ake, Paul, we’ll have you next, friend. If you think he (Tommy Fury) is not good, we will take the next ake Paul. “Under Tyson, on July 24, ake yak Paul,” said John on Fury.

The Times’ Paul’s rivalry dates back to Tyson Fury called youTuber to fight his younger brother. Paul replied, claiming that he did not even know that Tyson Fury had a brother.

After going to and fro on social media, Tommy told Ake Paul to keep Fury’s name out of his mouth.

“My message to Jake Paul is that he is a huge person, he does not want to fight. He’s not a fighting man, so when he grows a pair of jewelry, let him see me. But before that, do not mention my name, “said Tommy.

Will Paul accept John on Fury offer?

The likelihood of ake Paul fighting Tommy Fury on July 24 this year is quite low, as the “Problem Child” will play in August with former UFC champion Tyrone Woodley.

Paul is looking forward to TKO’s huge victory over Ben Askren, which broke his professional boxing record to 3-0. Prior to that, he defeated YouTuber’s AnEsonGib and former NBA star Nate Robinson.

Meanwhile, Tommy Fury is proud of an unbeaten record – 6-0. He fought with Grant in the last fight and made a convincing decision against his compatriot. The 22-year-old was expected to fight Andy Bishop, but the controversial fight was postponed.

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