Vince McMahon’s reaction when Mick Fallin did not show WWE RAW

Former WWE Executive Jim my Ross recently discovered that: Vince McMahon had no problems Mick Fallin Leaving the company in 1997.

During the 1997 Survivor Series Main Event, Brett Hart believed he was going to defend his WWE title against longtime rival Sean Michaels. Vince McMahon feared Hart might make the WCW title, so he registered Michaels as the winner without telling The Hitman.

Ross remembered about himself Barbecue JR: podcast that Foley did not show the next episode of the RAW Survivor series because of the way he treated Hart. He added that Vince McMahon had no problem with the fact that the legendary superstar did not show up for work.

“Vince had no problem with that,” Ross said. “Vince said, ‘If others want to go, R. R., no harm, no gross error.’ If they want to go home and sort these things, let them. We will have a TV with whoever is here. We can do it. ” Because Vince had the most powerful weapon in all wrestling, the old rubber. “Someone goes up, someone comes out, they are not available, turn someone else into a game.”

Mick Foley missed one episode of RAW after the next Survivor 1997 series. Two days after one viewing, he competed against The Rock (then known as Rocky Maivia) on a RAW television recording.

Vince McMahon welcomed Mick Foley back to work

Kane defeated Mick Foley
In 1997, Kane defeated Mick Foley, the protagonist of “Humanity.”

Some WWE superstars have received penalties for events that have not been shown before. For example, Steve Austin was fined $ 650,000 (later reduced to $ 250,000) for leaving WWE for a few months in 2002.

Given the circumstances of Mick Foley’s departure դուրս quick return, Vince McMahon did not punish the three-time WWE champion in any way.

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