Top 5 Steps to Getting Elite FastTMs

Inside Pokemon GO:, EliteTMs are the most in-demand items throughout the game, allowing coaches to teach Pokemon new manually selected step,

Especially when it comes to especially fast steps, there is a huge amount in the game. Each Pokemon has its own set of moves, and choosing the right one can be difficult, as Pokemon GO players are unlikely to want to waste EliteTM.

The choice of fast transfer will depend on whether the players are involved in PvE operations, such as raiders. Team GO rocket fights or PvP actions such as gym fights or Pokemon GO Combat LeagueHowever, there are still big steps that correspond to the two actions.

Pokemon GO. The best moves that can fit both PvP and PvE

# 5 – Rock Throw

Image by Pokemon
Image by Pokemon

Reliable move that provides sustained damage per second (DPS) և generates good energy in Pokemon GO, Rock Throw also և is highly effective against many Flying species: Pokemon in the current meta.

Not only that, it works very well against Bug, Fire և Ice Pokemon. For Moltres-like Pokemon, which are both Fire and Flying, Rock Throw can be a nightmare in both raids and battles with 256% damage that the move can do.

Operating 12 damage in PvE և in eight PvPs, Rock Throw can do proper damage in neutral. With relatively fast animation time և energy savings, Rock Throw behaves in any arena using the right Pokemon.

# 4 – Scratch

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Although it will not benefit anyone type advantages:, Scratch is the main energy building movement, while still causing severe damage to the movement տեղ deployment speed. Although it does only six և four damage to PvE և PvP, respectively, it builds energy fast due to its animation speed.

Pokemon GO players will want to avoid using it against Rock, Steel և Ghost Pokemon. Especially the ghost species, which receive a significant reduction in damage against Normal-type attacks, bringing them to only 39.1% efficiency. Although not the other way around, these three can cause proper damage, helping to give strength to those necessary charged movements.

# 3 – Dragon Tail:

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

It was quite natural that it is Dragon type The move would make the list, as Dragon-type moves are the most terrifying and effective Pokemon GO. In this case, Dragon Tail has very good damage in PvE 15 and PvP in 13.

It builds nine energies per stroke, making it a well-charged engine. The only super-effective Dragon Tail match against any other Dragon-type Pokemon, but its effectiveness is still great in a neutral area where there is no resistance to it.

# 2 – Razor owner!

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

To the detriment of many Pokemon GO fighting league players in particular, the Razor Leaf remains one of the fastest pound moves in most situations. Dealing with 13 damage in PvE և 10 in PvP, it saves one of the biggest damage / turnover per second for all fast moves. It is a proper energy builder – seven strokes in PvE or four strokes in PvP.

The real proponent of this move is its 1000 millisecond animation speed և efficiency in several types of overlaps, beating Ground, Rock և Water-type Pokemon relatively easily. Even in a neutral situation, the Razor Leaf can crush unprepared opponents.

# 1 – The Charm

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

It blows a little bit with its animation, but Charm hits hard and creates good energy to run. As a Dark, Fighting և Dragon’s Pokemon counter, Charm makes it one of the best moves in Pokemon GO, especially for Fairy Pokemon.

20 damage in PvE և 16 damage in PvP, this move is certainly no less damaging. Its energy accumulation in one stroke within 11 և six, depending on the mode, also makes it strong enough to activate the necessary charged motion. While this may not be the best quick move for Pokemon GO, Charm can be incredibly useful in the right Pokemon situations.

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