Riyan Parag reveals Virat Kohli’s message about the autograph bat

Rajasthan Royals: versatile Ryan Parag shared his view on how his bat was autographed by an Indian captain Virat ColinParag shared the photo during a question and answer session on his Instagram account, responding to a user who asked for his “autograph of his favorite celebrity.”

Riyan Parag added a short caption to the photo, calling Virat Cole “IO”. The heartbreaking message of Virat Kohli on the bat next to his signature was also visible.

“Dear Ryan, enjoy the game. “Good luck,” Cole wrote.

Riyan Parag had a disappointing first half of IPL 2021 with the Rajasthan Royals. The 19-year-old beat in six innings, scoring just 78 runs at an average 19 stroke rate of 19.50 ի 144.44, respectively. He part-time fired only five overs, assembling a single wagon.

The productive season could quickly overtake him through the upcoming tour of the Indian national team Sri Lanka. But at the moment it seems very unbelievable, considering the fierce end of even white ball specialists in India.

Ryan Parag revealed his inspiring conversation with Virat Kohli

Ryan Parag often called Virat Cole his idol և inspiration. In an earlier interview, Parag told of his conversation with an Indian captain about the mental side of the beating.

Virat Cole advised the teenager not to worry about rewards like the Orange Cap, but instead focus on getting as much running as possible for his team.

“It simply came to our notice then [if not getting a lot of chances to bat matters to him]”I spoke with Virat Kohli during the last IPL. He specifically told me, “You are not going to buy the Orange Cap. You hit number 5 or number 6, so there is no point in thinking about the Orange Cap. You just think about how you can get those 20 or 30 runs, and when you get to the decisive stage, just think about how you can develop the team. ” So it really came to my mind,, I’m not thinking about how many runs I get now, I’re just thinking about how my races benefit the team, “Ryan Parag told Cricbuzz.

Rajasthan Royals have often advertised Riyan Parag as their long-term investment. The rounder will try to turn his team’s fortune around when the IPL season resumes in September.

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