Peru goes to the polls to elect a president in a busy race Elections News:

Peruvians will choose between right-wing populist Caiko Fujimori and “left-wing Pedro Castillo”.

Voting has begun in Peru’s presidential election as the country faces a polarized election between right-wing populist Caiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo, a left-wing rural supporter.

Voting in the second round of voting began at 7 a.m. (12:00 GMT) in most of the country’s 11,700 polling stations, with official results beginning at 11 p.m. From 30 (Monday at 04:30 GMT).

The vote, which took place in Peru after the government reviewed, nearly tripled the number of coronavirus deaths, and in a few days it has the worst per capita mortality rate in the world.

Surveys show that the race is in a statistical atmosphere, but with Fujimori, who had previously fallen behind Castillo, slightly ahead.

Fujimori, 46, the daughter of imprisoned former President Alberto Fujimori, has vowed to maintain economic stability and free market policies in the world’s second-largest copper producer, as well as to award her father a father convicted of human rights abuses. ,

Fujimori himself has been detained for several months on corruption charges, which he denies. If he wins, the criminal case against him will be dropped while he is running the country.

Translation: “I owe it to you today that we have come here with great effort. I can not achieve the goal alone. I need you to do that. I’m just asking you to give me a chance. With your support we are going to turn this game around. “Now it’s your turn.”

Castillo, 51, an elementary school teacher and union leader, supports poor Peruvian villagers, intimidates investors with promises to nationalize the mining industry, a stance he later sought to take back.

He promised to change the tax regimes of multinational companies and wants to rewrite the country’s constitution.

He is from a remote village near the northern Peruvian city of Tacabamba, which made him happy on Saturday night when he returned home to vote.

Castillo made brief remarks, although political campaigning has been banned in Peru in the days leading up to the election.

According to the poll, unorientated voters – Peruvians living abroad – can strike a balance.

About one million Peruvians abroad constitute an electorate of 25 million.

In the first round of elections in April, only 0.8 percent voted, when COVID-19 blockades were commonplace.

Piero Corvetto, head of Peru’s National Electoral Office, said vaccination programs were now being pushed further in areas dominated by Peruvian immigrants, such as the United States, Spain, Argentina and Chile.

He said he expected Peruvians abroad to get 1.5 percent of the vote.

Neck և neck result can lead to days of uncertainty ված stress if it takes time to resolve the winner.

The new president will take office on July 28, replacing the centrist interim leader Francisco Sagast.

Interviewer sets up voting booth ahead of Castillo-Fujimori run-off election [Sebastian Castaneda/Reuters]

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