Mats Wilander hails Roger Federer’s fighting spirit After Kofffer’s victory, Andy Murray describes Federer’s late-night effort as “inspiring”

Mats Willander and Andy Murray admire Roger Federer’s fighting spirit Switzerland’s remarkable victory over German Dominik Koffer in the third stage 2021 Roland Garros on Saturday.

Roger Federer He won the opening set against Koffer, but he was obviously struggling to find a motive, sometimes he seemed quite tired. The German responded by winning the second set, breaking the third tomorrow, taking a 4-2 lead.

But Federer dug too deep to take part in four sets to order a fourth-round match with Matteo Berettini.

Three-time Paris champion Mats Wheelander said he “loves and respects” Roger Federer for not giving up on Koffer despite a clear fight.

“I absolutely love and respect Roger Federer for what he did last night.” Wilander said“He could have easily thrown in the towel and said, ‘You know what, I did a pretty good workout for Wimbledon.’

Wilander said that Roger Federer’s three-and-a-half-hour fight with the German well outlines his aspirations for the “Grand Slam”.

“I feel good now when I see that he is in good enough shape to do it (play long),” Wilander told Eurosport UK. You have a lot of people who say that maybe they (the players) should retire when they grow up a little և not be able to win a Helmet. And I have the exact opposite opinion. “But no, he wants to win matches. I’m so impressed with him.”

The dismissal of Roger Federer is inspiring for me. Andy Murray

Andy Murray praised Roger Federer
Andy Murray praised Roger Federer

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray, who has struggled with injuries over the past few years, also praised his longtime rival Roger Federer. The Briton captured the fighting spirit of Federer on his Twitter page when the Swiss were fighting against it in an empty stadium.

“I am not at all worried about the outcome of this game,” Murray wrote on Twitter. “Just watching Federer play with two knee surgeries after 39 hours in an empty stadium at 12.30 in the morning is an inspiration to me. Do what you love.

Roger Federer responded to Murray’s tweet on Sunday morning, thanking the Briton for his kind words.

“Thank you, Sir Andy, the feeling is mutual. You have to love it. We will meet (in grassy areas), “Federer wrote on Twitter.

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