Kuldip Yadav expresses his disappointment over not being part of the Indian detachment

Kuldip Yadav expressed his disappointment for not participating in the Indian detachment World Test Championship (WTC) Final և The next five games against England.

The 24-man Indian squad, including four reserves, headed to England to play in the WTC final against New Zealand, and the Test series against the hosts. Kuldeep Yadav, who was part of the Indian squad for most of the WTC cycle, although only had to take one test, is not part of this squad.

In an interview with India News, Kuldip Yadav noted that he would very much like to be part of the Indian team, to play his part in their victory.

“I am disappointed that I do not participate in the Indian team, because I wanted to go, play, contribute to the team’s victory. “These things happen, yes, you are sad, but at the same time you are ready to act at the next opportunity,” said Yadav.

The left wrist is optimistic about being part of an Indian limited-edition Sri Lanka tour team.

“I did not go there, so I hope to go to Sri Lanka and have the opportunity to perform there. The ric grid should continue to happen, every player is sad when he is not in the team, everyone wants to stay in the team, but sometimes the situation is such that you are not part of the team, “added Kuldip Yadav.

The Indian national team will play three ODIs as well as the T20I during a limited tour in Sri Lanka in July. Kuldeep Yadav is likely to face strong competition from others Yuzvendra Chahal և: Rahul Chahar To play XI, even if he is in the squad.

“I feel we have to win,” said Kuldip Yadav

Kuldip Yadav thinks India should win WTC final
Kuldip Yadav thinks India should win WTC final

Kuldip Yadav also expressed optimism that the Indian team would win the WTC final, given their excellent performances in the last two series.

“The kind of cricket we’ve been playing for the last three or four years, the positive atmosphere in the team, even when we play away, we treat it as a home series, the way the team played in Australia, then the game against England. “We must win,” Yadav said.

The Indian team will be at a high level after pushing back the victory against both Australia and England. However, the English sea’s friendly conditions may pose a different challenge for them;

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