Covid is “over” in Norway, says the head of health

The Covid-19 epidemic is over in Norway, according to one of the doctors responsible for the coronavirus response in the Scandinavian rich country.

Preben Avicland, Chief Physician, Department of Infection Control, Norwegian Institute of Public Health made a note in the tweets իկը Write the graph showing Norway with the lowest infection rate since the end of last summer. “It’s an epidemic of the past.”

He: added: VG newspaper. “Here in Norway, the epidemic is over, so to speak. We can start preparing for the wedding, which takes up very little space in our daily lives. ”

Norway had one of them the lowest levels of infection In Europe, on all three channels pandemiccontributes to the low population density in northern Europe, its relative isolation, as well as the decisive action of the government and health authorities whenever infections begin to increase.

Its death toll is significantly lower than in neighboring Sweden, but also in Denmark, which has taken a similar approach to Norway.

Aavitsland said that the very few people hospitalized because of Covid-19 and the numbers continue to decline due to the increase in vaccines, there will be only localized outbreaks in Norway in the future. He said the authorities were well equipped to deal with this.

“The head of the fire department would say. “The forest fire has been extinguished, the danger to և people և buildings is over, but here և there is a little cleaning left,: we must be vigilant,” he told state broadcaster NRK.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg attributes Norway’s overall confidence in the authorities to help Covid respond, as does its huge $ 1.3t oil fund, to mitigate its economic impact.

“What we did right is that we moved hard from the start in the first place,” he told the Financial Times last month.

Avitsland said it would take several more years for the epidemic to be controlled around the world, adding that the Norwegian authorities were increasingly offering their experience outside their home country. “It is not over until it is over for everyone,” he added.

Not all Norwegian health officials agree with him that the epidemic in Norway is over. Espen Nakstad, deputy director general of the Norwegian Health Department, warned that the epidemic in Norway was “not completely over” and that people could not rest until all adults had received the second dose of the vaccine in August or September.

“In that case, I hope we will be able to live a very normal life again, even if the epidemic in Norway is not over, of course, until it is over in all countries,” he told NRK.

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