COVID Brazil survey calls for postponement of Copa America Coronavirus Epidemic News:

The members of the Senate committee express the latest concerns about the tournament against the background of the COVID-19 epidemic in Brazil.

Brazil Senate commissioners investigate COVID-19 epidemic call for postponement of upcoming Copa America football tournament, citing Low vaccination rates ռ Risks of virus transmission.

In a letter to the national team football team on Sunday, Senate committee officials said that only 10.77 percent of the population in Bronzalia received the first dose of coronavirus vaccine as of Friday.

Senate committee in late April began his investigation Extreme right-wing President Air Bolsonaro has been working on an epidemic that has killed more than 472,000 people in South America, according to Hopkins University.

“Brazil does not offer sanitary security for an international tournament of this magnitude. “Apart from conveying a false sense of security and normalcy, contrary to the reality that Brazilians live in, it will encourage people to settle down. It will be a bad example,” the staff letter reads.

“We are not against Copa America in Brazil or anywhere else. But we believe that the tournament can wait until the country is ready to host it. “

The staff members are the last cause concern plans to host the international tournament in Brazil as vaccine levels remain low and public health professionals warned about a possible new wave of infections.

It was Brazil unexpectedly selected last week for the South American Football Confederation to host the Copa America by CONMEBOL after Colombia had to leave ongoing social unrest before the Argentine co-chair was expelled Increased levels of coronavirus infection,

Bolsonaro, COVID-19 skeptic, rejects calls for public health measures such as blocks to prevent the spread of the virus he said “As far as I decide, all the ministers, including the Minister of Health, everything is decided.”

But questions continue as to whether the tournament will continue, with some players and coaches raising concerns.

On Wednesday, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni said that “Brazil is not the best place”, and Chilean Uruguayan coach Martin Lasarte called the decision to hold the tournament in Brazil a “huge, huge risk.”

The World League Forum (WLF), which represents more than 40 professional leagues and their clubs, also wrote an open letter to FIFA and the Confederation of South American Football (CONMEBOL) on Saturday that South American players should be allowed to leave the game. in the tournament.

It is written on the protest poster. “We do not want the cup, we want vaccines. Bolsonaro outside Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 2 [Pilar Olivares/Reuters]

However, Argentina said on Sunday that they will participate in the tournament, which will be held from June 13 to July 10.

Argentina “confirms its participation in the Copa America, as reflected in its sporting behavior throughout history,” the Football Association (AFA) said in a statement.

The AFA added that it would provide all the “necessary tools to ensure the special care” needed to comply with the Copa health records.

Meanwhile, Brazilian media reported he said This week, when the country’s players do not want to play in a hasty tournament while they are busy playing to qualify for next year’s World Cup.

Brazil captain Carlos Kazemiro said the team would announce on Tuesday whether they wanted to compete in the Copa America.

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