Construction of a small midfield to dominate beer games

Entering in a chaotic avalanche, forgetting his target, Tinnie is one of the oldest heroes in Dota 2.

The symbolic, ever-growing rock stood out clearly inside Dota 2 ‘promo content. This may not necessarily reflect his presence in the actual Dota 2 games. Tini is not an ordinary choice at any medal level. Nevertheless, the hero has a very high selection / barrier in the Dota 2 pro chain.

Why choose Diny 2 7.29d Small Half?

This is the role most Tiny plays Position 4: wandering This axis shakes a good AoE in Avalanche (Q), but more importantly, the usefulness of Toss (W) as a way to remove targets from positions. Wandering Tiny is also often seen in DPCs. But in Dota 2 7.29 d, Tiny can also be a viable mid-range choice against low HP pool flexibility kernels.

As a midfielder, Tini has an obvious lack of attack. It is difficult to resist the heroes who have innate immunization methods (for example, Juggernaut և Life Stealer). But its positive aspects are more than half complementary. That is, the fact that he gives a great balance with the levels. In the 10 minutes of level 8 of the game, there is a nuclear potential that is higher than most of the heavy nuclear heroes.

In general, there are a couple of options for how a medieval child can bring his point of view.

Magical damage

Tiny has the highest damage using 2 spells combo in Dota 2Here are the statistics (subtraction from magic resistance).

Both lvl 4 Avalanche (Q) and Toss (W) damage up to 300 spells per lvl. But if Toss is thrown while the goal is to neutralize the Snowman, the Snowman damage is multiplied by 2.5.

The avalanche damages 4 separate teasers. Until the Toss is thrown absolutely instantly after the Snowdrop, the first tick will not get multiplied. Even then, the plant is enough to put an end to the shocking targets.

Because Tin will get a level fast, he can easily get naևlvl 4. The little one can use straight QW for maximum structure in lvl 8, but 3 points in Avlanche, 3 throws, 1 in Tree Grab և 1 in Grow will work just as well.

The choice of baby items should also be about increasing the magic damage. Blinking can be used to close the gap to create the plant. The other key element of the extra magic amplifier is the Ethereal Blade. The Agility bonus you get from it also helps a lot. Black King Bar may be required depending on the enemy lineup, as Tiny is more common than not at the base of battles.

Here are some other suggestions.

  • Arcane Blink:
  • Weiss Scythian
  • Kaya աշ Yasha
  • Dagon
  • Shiva’s bodyguard
  • Eul’s Wand / Wind Waker:
  • Fragment of Aghanim (since Dota 2 made 7.28 pieces)
  • Octarin Kore

Physical damage

It might look like a Mauritius construction, but physical harm to Thun can work wonders under the right conditions. Terms:

  • The opponent has no gaps to catch Tin,
  • : It is preferable for Tini to have an ally Alchemist.

The alchemist will give the blessing of Little Aghanim, primarily so that Tini does not have to buy Aghanim’s wand himself.

Upgrading the Aghanim wand gives Tin a new feature called Tree Volley, as Dota 2 makes 7.22 g. It mainly acts as a Small Right Clicks torrent with 120% damage from AoE to 00 1200 range. Tini has a lot of base attack damage due to Grow (R), so Critical ability is only needed to strengthen it. This is where Crystalis (later Daedalus) comes in handy. Blink Dagger, as always, is a must. These items are also potential purchases.

  • Swift
  • Echo Saber
  • Attack of the Cuirass:
  • Sange աշ Yasha
  • Satanic
  • Octarin Kore

Needless to say, the structures of Dota 2 are not built on stone. These are just schemes that point you in the right direction. The hybrid structure with two elements is very viable through the etheric mouth.

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