3 conversational points from Roger Federer’s dramatic victory over Dominic Koffer when Federer’s fight shines

Roger Federer is a float that refuses to fade, even at the age of 39. Mental Dominic Koffer failed to stop the Federer Express on Saturday as the Swiss advanced to the fourth round of the Roland Garros 7-6 (5), 6-7 (3), 7-6 (4), 7-5. ,

The match had no shortage of drama, but it was played on an empty court in front of Philip Chatter, attended by only a few scribes. The lack of fans seems to have ruined Roger Federer’s mindset as he struggled to produce such a magnificent tennis show against Dennis Eastomin. Marin Chilich,

At one point in the third set, Federer looked so tired and disinterested that many believed he would leave the game. But the Swiss somehow secured their victory, coming out on top in the fourth round match against Matteo Berettini.

Here are three key facts about Federer’s victory:

# 1 Roger Federer does not give up even at the age of 39

An elderly, obviously motivated Roger Federer struggled to catch up with Dominic Koffer, who is 10 years younger than him. It is difficult to explain why the Swiss seemed focused and dissatisfied in some parts of the match, but he eventually struggled, despite not being in a good place.

Roger Federer seemed to find it difficult to move or even hit a few shots in the third set 2-4. But he refused to give up, constantly asking questions to Kofffer from one official game.

Eventually the pressure became too much for the German; he broke 4-4, եր Federer was not left behind in the next game.

It will probably be very difficult for the Swiss to overtake Mateo Berettini in the next round if he continues to play as he did on Saturday. But the way he fought when his back was against the wall should warn the rest of the field. That he is far from what happened, even though he is already about 40 years old.

# 2 Roger Federer has not forgotten how to play big points

Roger Federer, due to the very important elements of his game, landed in a row in the game against Dominic Koffer, he had no choice but to increase his game in the promotion moments. And he did just that.

Whether it was through his serve, whether it was a shot, a pre-shot or a piece, Federer somehow put everything together on a big score, especially in the final set. In the first set, in a tie-break, he won a fine kick to get the micro-kick, and in the third set, in a tie-break, he defended like crazy to make a decisive mistake from Koffer, which gave him two sets.

Roger Federer recently said that he trusts more than experience. But Saturday was the last factor in his victory.

# 3 Roger Federer has already got everything he needed since Roland Garros 2021

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

Roger Federer entered 2021 French Open devoid of any real ambitions. According to his own confession, the clay major was just a way for him to get some practice before Wimbledon.

At the end of the first week, Federer played three games against three completely different players (the fourth is left). Many would agree that the Swiss got even more practice than he could have hoped for.

While Federer looked tired against Kofffer, his knee seemed to hold up well, like the rest of his body. The 39-year-old football player will gladly take four matches from Paris as a starting field to prepare for the grass season.

All things considered, the defeat against Matteo Berettini or even the loss to Novak ok ocovich (the coincidence that Federer beats the Italian) is not going to hurt the Swiss much.

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