UFC fans notice that Jairzinho Rozenstruik և Augusto Sakai confrontation revealed a big mistake in their UFC profiles

After 28 official confrontations in UFC Vegas, questions were raised about the validity of UFC statistics Air airinzio Rosentruik, The sixth-ranked UFC heavyweight is preparing for its competitions Augusto Sakai in the main event of the Fight Night card this weekend.

However, when the two men confronted each other, there was a noticeable discrepancy in height, և Sakai was obviously a taller fighter. This is somewhat surprising considering UFC: to have Rosentrucian is listed in 6’4, while they have Sakai in only 6’3.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik speaks out for UFC elevation

This is not the first time the UFC has decorated Rosenstruek. The repeated mistake eventually led to Rosenstruek clarifying the situation on social media. Bigi Boy said he was 6’2 years old, despite the UFC claiming he was two inches taller. He posted the following:

“It simply came to our notice then @ufc: career, there is a little misunderstanding about my height. The UFC listed my height as 6.4 “. In fact, my height is 188 cm. It is probably 6.2”. #BigiBoy # UFCVegas28 »:

Sakai is looking to finish Rozenstruik

The clash of weightlifters could put the winner in the position of fighting against one of the leading contenders for the division. Both men will no doubt try to put on a spectacular show – really control the rest of the separation.

Sakay openly voiced his intention to finish Rosenstruek soon, saying:

“I want to finish this sooner, by knockout or obedience. I am ready to show a great performance. “

Saka needs an impressive performance, especially after his last UFC Hexagon game against Alistair Overim against TKO. The fight was the first major event of Sakai’s promotion, and despite its early success, it ultimately failed to surpass the minds of Overeem veterans.

A disappointing loss is also to Airzino Rosenstruek, who loses in all five rounds to elite French striker Cyril Gain. Rosenstruek seemed to have very few options, fluctuating ahead of his opponent. “Bigi Boy” lost when Gain refused to close the ground to counterattack.

Sakai now has the main experience of its events կլինի will definitely be better prepared this time. Alternatively, air airinzio Rosenstruik announced that he has changed his training regime and will have various new tools for this fight.

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