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Don McGann testified in Congress on Friday after being questioned two years ago.

Former President Donald Trump White House Council Don McGann “It shed new light” on the pressure of the lawyer to investigate Russia’s role in the 2016 US elections, the Democrats of the Congress announced on Friday.

McGann, who served as Trump’s president’s advocate for nearly two years before resigning in October 2018, testified in a one-day closed-door session of the House Judiciary Committee.

McGann was apparently sued two years ago to testify as the commission investigated allegations of wrongdoing by Trump. In late 2019, the House voted to impeach Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He was acquitted by the Senate, then under Republican control.

A transcript of McGann’s testimony is due out in the coming days. According to the agreement with the Department of Justice, the members of the Judicial Committee refused to provide the specifics of what he had said before.

“Mr. McGann was clearly concerned that President Trump was failing to deliver his legal advice over and over again, and he shed new light on a number of troubling events today,” said Committee Chairman Rarold Nadler.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rold Nadler returns from a break to chair a closed-door meeting with former White House adviser Don McGann [J Scott Applewhite/AP Photo]

Speaking to reporters, Republican Rep. Matt Gaets said McGann’s testimony, however, did not provide new information.

“The expectation was that Don McGann would be a kind of potential witness who would bring new information that would be worth the years of litigation, the countless dollars spent by taxpayers,” Gaets said of the Democrats.

The House Judiciary Committee, representing members of my Jordan son, has resigned, եթ Matt Gaets told reporters as they left a closed-door meeting with former White House adviser Don McGann [J Scott Applewhite/AP Photo]

Madeleine Dean, a senior Democrat on the Democratic Committee, told reporters that McGann “brought to life the pressure he was under from the president and the pressure from other presidents to oust Rod Rosenstein to oust special adviser (Robert) Mueller.”

Rosenstein was the deputy attorney general at the time, and Mueller was looking at Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

After a lengthy investigation, Mueller found “numerous connections” between the “Russians” campaign and concluded that the campaign “expected to benefit” from Moscow’s efforts to divert Trump’s vote. But Mueller said such cooperation either does not constitute criminal conduct or will be difficult to prove in court.

As a White House adviser, McGann had his own insights into the many aspects of Mueller և թիմ թիմ թիմ թիմ թիմ թիմ թիմ թիմ թիմ թիմ թիմ շատ շատ շատ շատ շատ:

McGann proved to be a key “condemning witness” to Trump, whose name was mentioned hundreds of times in the footnote to Mueller’s report.

McGann described to investigators the president’s ongoing efforts to stifle the investigation ները the instructions he said he had received from the president that hindered him.

He said Trump had demanded that he contact then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to order him to withdraw from the Russian investigation. McGann said Trump had asked him to oust then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to remove Mueller from office because of a perceived conflict of interest, and to “falsely deny it” after publicly reporting the incident.

McGann also described the circumstances that led to Trump’s dismissal of James Ames Comey as FBI director, including the president’s assertion that Comey had reassured Trump that he was not being investigated personally.

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