The BCCI will make significant changes to the IPL 2021 schedule

With the rest IPL 2021: The season is likely to be played by the Cricket Control Board in the UAE, India (BCCI:) is negotiating with the և Wales Cricket Council (ECB) on the possibility of preparing them India– The English series is a matter of four tests instead of five. It would help Indian players from England to reach the UAE on time and quarantine correctly.

Since the 31-month IPL 2021 match was to be played in a one-month window, the BCCI would naturally have to increase the number of doubles, which would certainly have an impact on the logistics of the item.

Another factor is that if the ICC T20 World Cup is likely to be held in the UAE, the grounds must be submitted to the International Cricket Council (ICC) by October 1. However, according to InsideSport, BCCI is considering playing all the other games in one place, possibly in Dubai.

The teams will probably leave for mid-August for IPL 2021 round 2

The suspension of IPL 2021 clearly shows the problem with bubbles in India. With the successful peak of the IPL in the UAE last year, similar protocols will probably follow this time as well.

A BCCI official spoke to InsideSport about the possibility of the players leaving for the UAE in mid-August, as in the previous season. The resumption date of the tournament is September 17 or September 19. The BCCI official clarified.

“If you remember, last year we were given a certain date (August 20), before that we could not go to the UAE. As the tournament starts again on September 18-19, we need to be given the same window to start moving the base to the UAE. This should not be a major concern once discussions with hotels have already begun. At the moment we are looking at the journey of the third week of August. ”

While the capitals of Delhi are currently 12th out of 8 points in the IPL 2021 standings, Sunrisers Hyderabad are bottom with just two points from seven games.

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