“Logan is a beast” – UFC middleweight Paulo Costa remembers the sparring session with Logan Paul

Paulo Costa recently recalled his sparring session with Logan Paul on Twitter. The UFC welterweight hailed YouTuber for being the “beast” inside the box that became a boxer.

Last year, a video appeared on social media showing Paulo Costa and Logan Paul sparring at the Las Vegas Performance Institute. Although The Maverick fired a few shots of his own at Borrachinha, Paul finally made it. knocked out stiff 1853 After that, both of them started to collide on the exchange mat, where Paul showed his picture. Insight into collegiate wrestling,

Paul uploaded the footage of the aforementioned sparrow on YouTube in the “TOXAO PRO PROFESSIONAL by UFC Fighter” blog.

“90% of the guys who go to MMA have good technique, but not a hard spirit, they know a big heart. You both have it, thank you, “said Paulo Costa after his clash with Paul.

Praising “The Maverick” for being a tough opposition, Paulo Costa retweeted a video that hit the YouTube sensation.

“He’s like af ** king rock” – When Logan Paul described his sporting experience with Paulo Costa

In an episode of the Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul talks about his sparring experience with Paulo Costa. The former grape star seemed to be scared of Costa’s bold figure. Paul mentioned that Costa walks around almost 250 pounds, he has to reduce 60 pounds to reach the average weight limit.

“I met Paulo Costa at the UFC Performing Arts Institute … it was fascinating. We came across a meeting with Paulo Costa, who is another animal. Paulo is 250 pounds և should reach 185 pounds. I have never met a person who is more of a real animal than Paulo Costa. “This prostitute sleeps for ten to thirteen hours a day, she just beats people **, dude,” said Logan Paul.

Speaking about the possibility of the Brazilian connecting his murderous instincts during the UFC fights, Paul added:

“She is as beautiful as ever. The hottest guy. It’s a switch, I saw it. I had a quiet, fun time, I’m not going to hurt you, Paulo. Especially when I was killing with him, when he was not trying to kill me. “And then I saw him at the UFC fight calling out to Easy.

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Logan Paul is going to meet with Floyd Mayweather on June 6 in an exhibition fight Next under the Showtime flag. At the same time, Paulo Costa recently withdrew from the fight with the fourth-ranked middleweight Ared Canonier, according to ESPN.

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