Israeli police arrest Al aze Azira journalist in Sheikh Sheikh Square | Israel-Palestine conflict News:

Israeli police have arrested an Al-Azira Azeri correspondent covering the’s Sheikh Arra’s Jerusalem protests, strongly condemning media freedom activists and media observers.

During his arrest on Saturday, Doha’s Ivara Boudeir, a correspondent for the Doha-based media network, was attacked and his team’s equipment destroyed.

Boudeiri reported on the sit-in on the 54th anniversary of al-Naksa, a “reversal” used by the Palestinians in 1967 to describe East Jerusalem, the Jordan River, and the Gaza Strip.

The Sheikh Ar has been the scene of protests for weeks in defense of Palestinian families who have been deported to make way for Jewish settlers.

Hoda Abdel Hamid of Al Azra, reporting from the occupied East Jerusalem, said Boudeir was arrested for no apparent reason while wearing a “press” jacket.

He said the veteran journalist, Boudeir, had been arrested despite trying to retrieve a press card issued by Israel after a police request.

“He was pushed, it continued when he was trying to get his press card. “And when the cameraman tried to reach him, his camera broke,” said Abdel Hamid.

“We talked to several witnesses, they all said that there was no reason for such tension, that it was not clear why they decided to go specially. [after] “Givaran, while there were other journalists who were doing exactly what he was doing,” he said.

An Israeli police statement later said a man and woman had been arrested on suspicion of “pursuing security forces”.

Pictures taken by Al Jazeera show Boudeiri being arrested.

Israeli police dispersed dozens of protesters who managed to reach a closed district.

Barbara Trionfi of the International Press Institute was shocked by the arrest and called for Boudeir to be released immediately.

“It’s absolutely horrible,” he told Al Jazeera.

“In recent weeks, we have seen a number of targeted attacks on journalists by Israeli forces. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case,” he added.

“Such behavior by Israeli forces is absolutely unacceptable.”

Reporters Without Borders spokeswoman Sabrina Bennoui told Al Azira Azira TV that the arrest was shocking and unacceptable.

“This is a clear violation of the freedom of the press, as this journalist was clearly recognizable when he wore a press vest. There is a clear will on the part of the Israeli authorities not to allow journalists to do their job, not to fill it,” he said. he said.

Israeli aid campaign on May 15 destroyed a building In the Gaza Strip, where the offices of Al aze Azira և and other outlets were located, the LM offices were located in the coastal enclave during the 11-day bombing.

Commenting on Boudeiri’s arrest, Dr. Mustafa Suag, Acting Director General of Al Jazeera Media Network, said: “We strongly condemn the actions of the Israeli occupation forces. The systematic targeting of our journalists violates all international conventions. “Today’s violence by Israeli occupation forces against Givara Budeyri and Nabil Matsawi completely ignores the fundamental human rights of journalists.”

“Silencing journalists by intimidating them has become a common practice for the Israeli authorities, as evidenced by the occupation of Jerusalem in Gaza in recent weeks,” Swag added.

Israeli forces “violate” the rights of journalists

At least 14 Palestinian journalists have been arrested and detained by Israeli forces in recent weeks, according to Reporters Without Borders.

Administrative detention is a legal procedure that allows Israel to detain Palestinians from the Occupied Palestinian Territories without charge or trial for a period of up to six months.

The Israeli authorities have been using this procedure for decades, where arrests are made on the basis of “confidential evidence”. Detainees are usually unaware of the charges against them, չեն not allowed to defend themselves in court.

Most recently, two Palestinian journalists, Ze Eina Halawani and Wahbe Mikkia, were were attacked and taken away last week by Israeli forces in Sheikh Ar.

The kidnapper was detained for five days before being released on bail and then placed under house arrest for one month.

Several Palestinian journalists with media cards have been barred by Israeli police from entering the Sheikh Ar area, claiming they need an Israeli government press office (GPO) card.

According to the Israeli World Press Freedom Index, in 2021, Israel ranks 86th out of 180 countries.

“Israeli security forces often violate the rights of Palestinian journalists, especially when they cover demonstrations in the West Bank or Gaza Strip,” said Reporters Without Borders.

In the introduction (PDF:published last year by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights documented 98 attacks by Israeli forces on journalists in the occupied Palestinian territories.

At least 40 people were injured by various bullets, including two who “lost their sight in one eye”.

At least 14 people were attacked with “evidence of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” and 26 were arrested.

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