“Fans would like to see that fight”

Dan Hooker believes in her and Tony Ferguson There will be a season that fans would absolutely love to see. However, The Executioner claimed that he felt he would receive less credit for beating Ferguson based on how his last three fights in the UFC went.

During the interview with: Performance radioDan Hooker said he felt Ferguson was as difficult in the fight as he had been in three fights before. Kiwi’s fighter said that the fight against Ferguson encouraged him to goose.

“These are two great fights for me. These are two fights that I would really love. I feel like Tony is just a guy I would love to fight. wants to see that fight, I’m sure it will be one fight. It’s just ridiculous that you get less credit for beating him now, even though I feel like it’s as hard a fight as it was. three fights ago. That fight, when the name sounds, is a fight that touches me. It’s a fight where you get geese, you push the adrenaline. And indeed, as a fighter, that is what we are in. “Hooker said.

Dan Hooker also seems to be interested in a fight against Benayel Dariusz

Beniel Dariush Dan Hooker now thinks that Dariush is the most talented boy in terms of skill, calling him “the dance of that ugly girl.”

Dan Hooker added that he feels that Dariusz is the most obscure fighter in the UFC Top 5 lightweight division. The “executioner” thinks that Dariush is an underestimated fighter, he is also not the most popular.

“Benayel, yes, good performance, great performance. I feel like an ugly girl dancing. Now, Benel, I do not call you an ugly partner, but I do not mean to offend you. I mean, I feel like he’s probably the most talented guy, a skill guy. I feel like he’s the best guy in the department, I feel like he’s one of the best rounded guys, but he’s not one of the other top five guys. “Looking like this in the top five, Beniel Dariusz is probably the most obscure guy, but I think the most underrated guy,” said Hooker.

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