Anthony Faus. The doctor in the blockade of America

It was almost 6.45pm on Saturday, February 1, 2020, when Dr. Anthony Fauche turned off an e-mail that would lead to his biggest controversy as one of America’s most famous social scientists.

“Thank you Christian. “Talk about the call soon,” he wrote.

Either the answer was harmless, but the context was explosive. Christian Andersen, a professor of immunology at the Scripps Research Institute in La Olla, California, explained to Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, that the Covid-19 virus had been detected in the laboratory.

Andersen’s message released this week as: 3000 pages Fauci’s e-mails, which date back to the beginning of the epidemic, reinforced the theory that the disease began after a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Andersen later refuted that theory.

The e-mail exchange reinforces allegations that Fauci publicly worsens the likelihood of a laboratory leak, even when talking to other scientists about its potential merits.

A man nicknamed the “Doctor of America” ​​is now expected to resign – a right-wing critic for claiming that the epidemic probably had its roots in wildlife and not in a Chinese laboratory.

“There are a lot of questions that Dr. Faws has to answer,” said Donald Trump, the former president who served as Fowch’s adviser after the emails were released. Trump supporters, many of whom accuse Fauci of exaggerating the severity of the epidemic, have gone further. Missouri Republican Sen. Osh Holly on Friday urged Fauci to resign.

Fausi himself admits that he is worried. But not what he says about America, but what he says about America. “I’m worried about what he says about this country,” he told the Financial Times.

“E-mail Emails point to someone who always values ​​data as they develop. But people selectively remove the letters to distort the reality. »:

Fausi, 80, is one of America’s most famous and respected physicians.

Advising every president since Ronald Reagan, he rose to prominence in the scientific community for his work against HIV in the 1980s, when he was one of the first public health workers to sound the alarm about a new bizarre disease found among homosexuals. He won the respect of gay activists by helping to change the way medical trials are conducted so that more people can benefit from life-saving treatments.

“Tony has revolutionized the way clinical trials for HIV are conducted,” said Michael Osterholm, a longtime friend of Fauci at the University of Minnesota Infectious Diseases Research Center. “She is a great doctor, but she is a natural leader, she knows how to do things.”

Fauche played an important role in 2014-16. In the US response to Sarsi, Mercy և Ebola outbreak, when the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fired.

“There was a time when the CDC was unjustly attacked,” said Tom Frieden, then CDC director. “Many people in that situation would have stood up or even gathered in silence, but Tony did the exact opposite. He stood for us internally; he stood for us, publicly. He is alone. “

Fausi was one of the most prominent figures in the US Covidian response. He has become famous for his frequent television appearances in which he discusses in simple terms և his New York emphasis on the seriousness of the epidemic.

Willingness to oppose Trump’s claims, such as the claim that Covid-19 is like the flu, has earned him an army of fans.

Garden signs in Washington and elsewhere state: “Thank you, Dr. Fausi.” As of February, his approval rating was 60 percent, much higher than that of Joe Biden, the president for whom he now serves as chief medical officer.

Others, however, believe he was undermining Trump for political reasons. Paul Mango, who was deputy chief of staff to the Trump administration’s health department, said: “Tony Fauci is a good man, a great scientist, but, unfortunately, he has created himself a political figure, it has made him lose credibility.”

Fausi denies this. “It simply came to our notice then [Trump] he said because what he said was not true. That is why it seems that there are radicals who believe that I am the enemy. I’m not an enemy, I’re just trying to get the truth out. “

It is his reputation for truth that is now under threat.

He is accused of helping fund research at Wuhan Labs with a $ 600,000 grant from the US National Institutes of Health to work on bat coronaviruses. According to his critics, his assertion that the origin of the disease is probably wild animals reflects less evidence than his desire to protect his institution.

Fauci: said to FT He continues to believe that the “overwhelming possibility” is that the Sars-Kov-2 virus was transmitted from animals to humans.

But he also admits that some of the work done in the Wuhan lab using NIH money could violate safety standards, even if he claims that it is the responsibility of the EcoHealth Alliance, the non-governmental group that did the work.

“We will have to go back and watch it,” he said, referring to allegations that some coronavirus work at the second level of life support was roughly equivalent to the work of a dental office. “But it’s something that needs to be overseen by the EcoHealth Alliance.”

EcoHealth Alliance did not respond to requests for comment.

Fauci continues to respond to emails late in the evening from partner professionals, journalists and members of the public. “I sleep for four hours now,” he said.

Friends are worried that in the face of such hard work, the constant threat of attack by Trump supporters, he may soon decide to withdraw from public life. But he insists that will not happen.

“I never thought of leaving,” he said. “It will be enough for me when we nail this flare and crush it.”

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