Fans unbelievably accused of child crimes when Drake Bell is arrested

Fans of Drake Bell star Drake Bell have recently been shocked to learn that former Nickelodeon has been charged with crimes against a child.

According to a recent report Fox 8:, the singer-songwriter has been charged in Kuyahoga County, Ohio. He was charged with distributing harmful substances to minors and attempting to endanger children.

The report states that the allegations stemmed from the fact that he allegedly had an inappropriate conversation with the victim, who was sometimes sexual in nature. The incident in question actually took place more than three years ago.

According to court documents, Drake Bell was arrested by the Cleveland Police Department, although the exact date of his arrest remains unclear. Bell appeared in a court in Kuyahoga State, where he pleaded not guilty and was eventually released on a $ 2,500 personal bond.

The alleged incident took place on December 1, 2017, the same day he was scheduled to perform at the Odeon Concert Hall in Cleveland.

In light of these disturbing allegations, social media was soon angered by a number of fans as they weighed in on Drake Bell’s plight.

Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell in hot water after being accused of attempting to endanger children

Best known for his role as Drake Parker in NickelodeonDrake osh osh osh » Drake Bell rose very quickly և became one of the most famous teenage actors on TV next to his TV company Osh osh Peck,

After many victories Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards:Bell went on to star in several Hollywood films, including “Yours, Mine and Ours”, “Superheroes”, “LA Slasher” and more.

In addition to film and television, he pursued an active career in music, continuing to release five studio albums.

The 34-year-old singer made headlines in November 2020, after he was officially renamed Drake Campana և moved to Mexico, which completely confused the fans.

Many have suggested that his decision to move was influenced by allegations made against him by his ex-girlfriend Melissa Lingfalt, who accused him of verbal and physical violence.

Drake Bell was also arrested in 2015 for driving under the influence in California before his latest charges, and again in 2016, where he was jailed for four days, received a four-year probation.

In the light of recent allegations against him, the online community has accepted him Twitter: to share their thoughts on the whole situation.

The preliminary hearing scheduled for June 23 through Zoom now remains to be seen what fate awaits Drake Bell, as the Internet is confronted with the worrying nature of the accusations against him.

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