5 Times Fortnite has previously ridiculed Aliens

Season 7 with Fortnite Chapter 2 right around the cornear, players are waiting for the aliens to arrive. Given the leaks, the game և the secret advertisements, the appearance of aliens is extremely likely.

Fortnite has sent out secret cards to players in recent weeks. They also sent content creators secret DVDs and posters on the walls. The only official caricature was a six-second video that was revealed next to no one. Still The progress of this season has been very high, լրացուցիչ It seems more than likely that extra earthlings will look in some fashion this season.

However, the last few weeks have not been the only time Fortnite has mocked aliens. Here are five times when the aliens were teased long before Season 2, Season 7.

Fortnite made fun of the aliens 5 times before the 7th season

5) Risk nails in the 4th season of the 1st chapter

Risky Reels was a well-known position in the first chapter. Players could land where there were several barns, a house, and a rather large movie projector screen. Some live events even went on screen. Chapter 1 season 4 trailers showed aliens long before the new season.

4) Dusty warehouse

Something is happening in the sky here in a dusty warehouse. There is also a telescope on the roof. Combine that with the fact that Dusty Depot became Dusty Divot էր was the center of some research և where the meteorite struck, it is likely that the aliens were being targeted.

Dusty warehouse.  Image via Pinterest
Dusty warehouse. Image via Pinterest

3) Seven

In Fortnite, the seven are presented in the same way, but in different sizes. They are also an organization that aims to stabilize size. Ens avalanche և The level of intelligence needed to perform these actions indicates that they may not be from Earth. Only four have been identified so far.

Seven at Fortnite.  Image via Sportskeeda
Seven at Fortnite. Image via Sportskeeda

2) To the visitor

The visitor was the first from the leather of a secret battlefield. In Chapter 1, he was an integral part of the story line. The name of the visitor implies that he is from another world, which leads directly to alien theories. Could Fortnite have planned aliens so far?

To the visitor:  Image via Forbes
To the visitor: Image via Forbes

1. Alien skins

The most obvious alien reference is the inclusion of xenomorphic skin by Ridley Scott Alien movies: However, it seems to be something other than just this skin is worldly. For example, in Chapter 1, many skins featured astronaut costumes, indicating that space travel could be part of the game.

Alien skin from Ridley Scott
The alien skin of Ridley Scott movies. Image via YouTube

Leviathan’s skin also looks secular. Some of the accompanying blinges and cosmetics are a testament to space travel. Could this be Fortnite’s first alien announcement?

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