Where to Find Ion Cubes

Ionic cubes are a type of synthetic crystal that contains massive energy inside Subnautica. Below zero,

Created by energy artifacts, their energy is equivalent to a small nuclear explosion when they are considered stable. The Said aliens were very advanced beings who were said to have inhabited the planet 4546B a thousand years ago.

There are several ion cubes in Subnautica. Below zero. Everyone has a role to play in developing and modernizing specific items. The bright green cube is easily recognizable to searchers.

Where to Find Ion Cubes in Subnautica? Below ro

Image through the entertainment of unknown worlds
Image through the entertainment of unknown worlds

Ion’s cubes not only shine, but make a strange squeaky sound when the players are close. This forces the final number of ion cubes to enter Subnautica. Below zero stand out among other resources.

The following places where Ion Cubes can be located can be found in some of these places, as there are currently a maximum of 93 in the game.

  • 3 at Sanctuary Zeo
  • 1 deep winding bridges near Obelisk
  • 2 in the Arctic Peeling Caves near Obelisk
  • 1 in a deep purple ventilator near a fossil excavator
  • 1 in a ruined glacier connection installation
  • 1 Delta Island exploration site
  • Near 2 glacier power generators
  • 2 Near the Eastern Arctic land sampler
  • Near 2 Tree Spiers Ground Sampler
  • 1 in the Arctic Spiers Cache
  • Large ionic cube deposit in the Arctic spiral repository
  • Deposits of 3 large ionic cubes in the Arctic
  • 1 Arctic Spiers near Greenhouse
  • 2 in the Arctic Spear Spy Pengling Cave
  • 1 outpost in the zero laboratory
  • 1 in the hollow iceberg of the Western Arctic

Large deposits of ionic cubes can be extracted only with them Subnautica. Below zero Crab Suit Drill Arm. The rest is on the ground or seabed of each Biome.

Image through the entertainment of unknown worlds
Image through the entertainment of unknown worlds

Once discovered, the following handicrafts use Ion Cubes to make the items listed later.


  • Ion battery
  • Tether tool
  • What about Locker?

Habitat builder

Ect articulate component maker

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