The United States plans to donate millions of doses of Covid vaccine worldwide

The United States will supply millions of surplus Covid-19 vaccines to countries around the world in an effort to help fight new outbreaks.

The Biden administration had promised in advance donate 80 million shares և on Thursday to outline how the first 25 million will be distributed. South America, Africa, South and Southeast Asia will all receive millions of doses as planned.

US President Joe Biden said in a statement. “In our joint fight against this virus, the United States will become the world arsenal of vaccines. “In the coming days, as we use our experience in distributing vaccine doses, we will have more details today on how to distribute further doses.”

Under the administration’s plans, doses of 19 million vaccines will be distributed through the World Health Organization-sponsored Covax program. Covax scheme promises to ship 2 billion doses worldwide by year’s end, but is under attack decision: Stop the export by the Indian Serum Institute against the background of the second wave of infectious diseases in the country.

About 6 million US-made doses will go to South Central America, 7 million to Asia and 5 million to Africa. Another $ 6 million will go to US neighbors and allies, including Mexico, Canada and South Korea. Doses will come from US Vaccines authorized by BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna և Johnson & Johnson.

The United States has implemented one of the fastest vaccination programs in the world, delivering 367 million doses to the states, providing at least one dose to more than 50 percent of its population.

Numbers: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the number of cases in the country continues to decline rapidly as states loosen epidemic restrictions. The current seven-day average is just over 15,000, down 30 percent from last week, while deaths are down 16 percent.

There are signs that the demand for vaccines is declining as cases decline. Bloomberg data: show that the level of daily vaccinations in the United States has dropped from 3.4 million in April to less than 1 million so far.

As the number of cases declines, as the stockpile of vaccines grows, the United States comes under pressure to deliver more blows to countries struggling to get enough supplies, to those with severe waves of infection.

One of the first regions to receive US-made vaccines will be South Asia, where India and Nepal have experienced devastating waves in recent months, with India reporting nearly 400,000 new cases a month ago.

Priority will be given to South and Central America, where cases are on the rise in several countries, including Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

Some scientists believe that doses of US-made vaccines are not enough to suppress the global epidemic. urged “The Biden administration has forced US vaccine manufacturers to open their technology to companies around the world.”

Doctors Without Borders program director Kerry Thatcher said in the United States on Thursday. “The government should also demand that pharmaceutical companies that have received state funding to develop Covid-19 vaccines transfer the information and technology needed by other manufacturers to help scale.”

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