The best ways to complete the legendary “Spend the gold bars” challenge

Do you have a lot of Fortnite gold bars, you do not know what to do with them? Well, do not worry, this is the perfect excuse to spend it all. From today, June 3, players will be able to go shopping for Wild Week.

In addition to Fortnite Season 6 և last և last week, players can also earn a lot of experience points by spending gold bars in games. More precisely, a total of 1,33,000 practice points.

Now some players may ask: “Is it worth spending all the gold bars to gain experience points?” The answer is yes. Like Fortnite Season 5, the gold bars accumulated in Season 6 will not move, they will just rot.

In addition, players can spend gold bars during the game to unlock so many amazing items and other items. There are many creative horses with which players can spend their earned gold bars on Fortnite.

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The best ways to make gold bars in Fortnite

Before we talk about the fun ways to spend gold, here are some tips on how to make gold fast at Fortnite.

  • Collect gold from the floor robbery drops
  • Gold can be found in the chest
  • Full NPC Gold Search

Going beyond spending, to earn 1,33,000 experienced points, players must spend a total of 6,000 gold bars. While this is a huge issue, it’s not even that hard to get so much in the last week of this season.

Without further ado, here are some fun ways to make gold bars at Fortnite.

# 1 – Work on all NPCs

Hire NPCs is one of the best ways to handle gold bars during the game. Each NPC will cost 95 gold bars to rent, նույնպես they are also literally worth their weight. Use them as a bullet sponge to absorb damage ճնշ to crush opponents in the game.

# 2 – Try all the mythical weapons

Players can try out many fabulous weapons sold during the game. From unstable bows to! Hop Rock Dualies:, there are many elections. Bring powerful armor to opponents using this powerful weapon.

# 3 – Elevators

Buying Fts devices is a fun way to re-engage in a strong game. Players can find multiple NPCs to buy cracks on the map. You need 245 gold bars to buy them; they have a disposable option.

Watch this video to learn how to quickly find gold bars.

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