Respawn addresses Apex Legends DDoS attacks, fixes server vulnerabilities, bans 31 hackers

Respawn Interactive has finally taken action against it Apex Legends:DDoS: patches vulnerabilities that used to allow offenders to turn off server access for everyone in the lobby.

The main targets of these attacks were season 8 8 և 9 season broadcasters who often found their lobbies DDoS’d. They had to constantly change servers to overcome hackers.

Fortunately, this exploitation is nearing completion, as Apex Legends security officer Conor Ford, better known as “Hiding,” has confirmed that the fix is ​​currently underway.

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“This is not the easiest fix in the world, but huge steps are being taken to address it” – Apex Legends staff hiding about DDoS attacks

Hideouts has been known to crack down on scammers in previous seasons of Apex Legends. He is personally responsible for clearing the Apex Legends community of scammers and hackers.

Hideouts recently tweeted that the DDoS situation is finally getting better, that 31 abusers are overshadowed.

The video above is just one case where Apex Legends players are DDoSed.

Another DDoS method drives each player’s title screen, և if they try to log in immediately, they are thrown back into the lobby screen. If players reconnect to the server after two minutes of inactivity, they will find all the other players in the lobby standing completely.

The hackers used this method for RP farms և raised their statistics against DDoS’d players who were completely defenseless.

The endless battle against hackers has finally taken a step in the right direction, as players affected by this exploitation can now return to Apex Legends after months of frustration.

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