Osh osh Alexander talks about passing a solo game

Osh osh Alexander IMPACT There has been some revelation for wrestling in the last few months. Half of the longest-serving team champions in the history of the action Ethan Page In the North, the reigning X-Division champion steals and steals a number of AXS IMPACT episodes against a number of opponents.

Ahead of the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass on Tuesday Alexander’s 60-minute Iron Man Match against TJP:, Jim my Warsaw from the Miami Herald asked osh osh Alexander to move from tag wrestling to singles. “The walking weapon answered.

“It simply came to our notice then. I knew the tag team was over, because in all wrestling you do not know what will happen next. It’s kind of out of your control. I have already said that, I could be months and months and months waiting for the opportunity to sit on the bench. And fortunately, you know, I got a chance very quickly: I was able to capitalize on it և show what I can do. And show that I can hang on to my feet as a single competitor. ”

Osh osh Alexander continued to discuss his desire to show what he had as a unique star, coming out of a successful run in the team of labels, saying:

“So it was a convulsion in the sense that I did not know if that opportunity would come soon, I was just sitting around because I did not want to sit on the bench. But other than that, I felt like my mouth was foaming, as they say, ready to go in because I knew I had 14 years of experience before I came to wrestling. I’ve wrestled with some of the best wrestlers on planet Earth. How long will it take to IMPACT Wrestling alone, so I know what I can offer? It was just to show the right people և to the world և to show IMPACT fans and get that opportunity. ”

Osh Osh Alexander Defends IMPACT X-Division Championship 60-Minute Iron Man Game with TJP Before Impact

In one of the biggest promotion matches of the year, Josh Alexander will defend the IMPACT X-Division Championship in a 60-minute Iron Man game against TJP. The two rivals have shared their first two matches and are trying to finally settle the score here.

This competition is attended by the two most talented wrestlers on the whole list of MP P Alexander ամբողջ TJP IMPACT. It will certainly be a memorable meeting, which will be talked about among the best meetings of the advertising year, making this a must-watch episode.

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