May 31 draws record low numbers

WWE RAW’s third hour of viewing deteriorated so badly that the show received a record low overall. Is this finally the wake-up call? Vince McMahon it will be necessary to transform the red brand

According to: PWTorch:, This week’s WWE RAW broadcast brought in 1.417 million viewers, down from 1.621 million last week. The NBA playoffs continue to hurt professional wrestling viewers. No company is fired.

This week’s episode of WWE RAW clearly continued the trend of not reaching over two million viewers at any hour of the show. Last night, WWE viewers fluctuated every hour of RAW. WWE started the show with 1.536 million, reached 1.549 million in two hours; at the end of the evening it reached 1.168 million. While the NBA playoffs are clearly a factor here, it is no exaggeration to say that this is a historically bad number for WWE RAW. Something needs to change for the WWE show և fast.

The fantastic WWE RAW main event could not be commented on this week

When it comes to the most powerful 18-49 shows, WWE RAW also fell 0.45 to 0.44 from last week. Whether in the NBA playoffs or not, this week’s show and viewership are down again, and Vince McMahon may need to reevaluate what they do on the longest running TV show of the week.

If Showbuzz Daily is down, we do not have hourly broadcast numbers or where WWE RAW installed cable TV this week.

WWE RAW launched this week with an episode of Miz TV that aired Charlotte Flair W RAW Women’s Champion Rea Ripley. The segment led to the Beat the Clock Challenge match between Flair and Nicki Cross.

The main event of WWE RAW Drew McIntyre և Kofi Kingston in a fantastic game to determine one candidate for Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship.

What did you think of WWE RAW this week? What was your favorite match or snippet? Let us know what you think by clicking on the comments section below.

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