“He is very patient when he fights”

UFC light Brad Riedel thinks that Dustin Poirier will take the case against him again Conor McGregor on July 10 in their triathlon fight at UFC 264.

On June 12, Brad Riedel himself will leave Drew Dobber in the final final fight of UFC 263.

A New Zealander recently appeared interview: With SB Nation, where he was asked who he thinks will win Conor McGregor և Poirier’s rubber game. He said-

“Probably Dustin. I think it is obvious that Conor McGregor is going to make some adjustments, but he does not have the best record if the fight goes on.

The Dustin Poirier seems to have an endless fuel tank. Huge endurance came as an added benefit when:Diamondtransferred to բաժ 155.

So far, Poirier has fought two to five rounds in the lightweight division, both of which are absolute dog fights.

The first was against Max Holloway, a fight that helped Poirier win the lightweight title in the Iranian belt.

His other fight was his 2020 fight against Brad Riedel’s City Kickboxing teammate. Dan Hooker,

Both were absolutely outraged by the widespread war. The fight ended in victory with a unanimous decision of Poirier. In fact, Poirier said he could go a few more rounds after the fight.

Pictures by Brad Riddle from Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 2

Brad Riedel believes that Dustin Poirier now has another weapon in his arsenal that will make it difficult for Conor McGregor to win. He said-

“…And he [Poirier] He has proved that he is very resilient. Dustin as it is now. “McGregor hit him with pretty clean things.” [Poirier] he just kind of carries it, shakes it a little, he’s patient when he’s fighting. I do not know, man. If it was old McGregor, it would be a different story. But I do not see the same hunger and the same stubbornness that he had in himself. “

Poirier seems to have a chin that breaks more and more as the number of his fights inside the octagon increases.

In their second fight, Conor McGregor went on several textbook strikes, leaning on Poirier. But none of those blows bothered Poirier enough to reconsider his own steps.

Do you think Dustin Poirier will be able to handle the trilogy with his hand up at the end of the night? Vote in the comments section.

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