Cristiano Ronaldo chooses his strongest cup – the best goal

Cristiano Ronaldo He called the victory of EURO-2016 his most powerful title ever. Portugal won the probability of winning the tournamentlatest edition, defeating France in the final.

The Portuguese star took his team to the final, but got injured at the beginning of the game. Despite the injury, Cristiano Ronaldo was on the sidelines, leading them 1: 1. 0 time in extra time advantage.

Back: Euro 2020: The following week, Cristiano Ronaldo sat down for an interview LiveScore:,

The Portuguese striker was asked about his “most powerful cup”, he immediately called it a victory of EURO-2016.

He said:

“UEFA Football Europe 2016 The start of the tournament went well for me, but then I was sad because I got injured [in the final vs France]At the end of the game I was crying with happiness. I felt three kinds of feelings and emotions in that game, but at the end of the day, what I felt was incredible. It’s the strongest cup I’ve ever won in my life. “

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to win the tournament once again, but is afraid of other teams.

He continued.

“It was very emotional. It would be unbelievable to win it again. Of course we go to the tournament with our ambitions. We have a good team, but he knows there are very, very strong teams there.”

Cristiano Ronaldo scores his best goal

Cristiano Ronaldo has chosen his favorite goal, his goal against Juventus against Juventus. The former Manchester United star became the target of an acrobatic bicycle in the 2018 Champions League at the Allianz Stadium.

He said:

“As you know, I have scored 777 goals in my career. It’s a bit of a failure, but unfortunately I have to say that I scored my favorite goal against my current team, Juventus, and in the past against my great friend ian Anluigi Buffon. “I would like to say that this is the best goal I have ever scored in my career.”

On June 15, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal will face Hungary in their first match of Euro 2020. Germany and France join their group, who will fight to reach the next round.

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