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The irregular construction of small houses built on top of each other, which are common in favelas, is accused of fatal collapse.

Just before dawn on Thursday, a four-story building collapsed in the western part of Rio de Janeiro, killing at least one newborn and one adult and damaging nearby settlements. Four people were rescued from the rubble.

Irregular construction consisted of four small houses built on top of each other. The spokesman of the fire service said. The city authorities confirmed to the Associated Press by e-mail that the structure does not have a license.

Irregular buildings have long suffered in Brazil. The largest people in Latin America are suffering through one of the world worst outbreaks coronavirus.

A working-class neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro at 3 a.m. (06:00 GMT) highlighted the difficulties faced by the authorities in trying to defile illegal buildings in areas controlled by armed groups.

Paramilitaries groups, commonly referred to as “World War II veterans“In Brazil, which is made up of former firefighters, police and soldiers, they often take control of public lands and build illegal apartments for informal rent. Many people choose to live in such settlements because they are cheaper.

“With me, the militants are not going to build any more rubbish in this city,” Rio Mayor Eduardo Pies said on Thursday.

Police killed 25 people last month raid on drug trafficking suspects In the Jacarezinho favela, one of the poorest in Rio.

According to the Rio Department of Homeland Security, more than 180 irregular buildings have been demolished in the Western Zone alone since January, and more than 150 notices have been issued. The demolition is the first step in demolition, say the department.

The Rio Regional Council for Engineering and Agriculture, a non-governmental organization responsible for overseeing engineering in new facilities, said security was a top priority in many parts of the capital.

“We are not able to enter the community to find out if the job is good,” Regional Council President Luiz Antonio Cosenza told the AP.

City officials said they blocked access to seven buildings near the site, and all 20 residents were evacuated.

Maria Augusto da Silva, who lives in the building in front of the collapsed building, said she started screaming when she heard a terrible noise in the middle of the night.

“I was desperate, I thought this was the end of the world,” he said. “I asked God to save me and my family. “But the noise kept going.”

When the street fell silent, he grabbed his two young grandchildren and ran away from the house, crossing the debris on his doorstep.

The disaster responded to another deadly collapse in the city. In 2019, two convicted buildings collapsed in Rio, built without permission in an area controlled by illegal armed groups, killing two dozen people.

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