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The Prime Minister of Canada Just Astin Trudeau promises resources to end violence against indigenous women, but some want to take concrete action.

The Canadian government announced on Thursday that it would direct more resources to the United Nations Police to address systemic racism in the justice and law enforcement agencies to address violence against indigenous women, but did not give it time to make its “transformational changes.”

The government promised local communities more control over some social services and improved access to health care. Its draft was introduced two years after the report on the deaths of more than 1,000 indigenous women and girls in recent decades, calling it a national genocide.

The government has said it will resolve the matter with the National Guard, a national law enforcement body responsible for policing in many rural areas of the country, by improving recruitment and training.

“Plans are great, but what we need is action,” said Denise Piktou-Maloni, co-chair of the National Survivors’ Family Area, who was advising on the project. He said that he would like to see some changes in a year, անիզմ an accountability mechanism to ensure the implementation of actions.

The plan came out as: discovery shocked the remains of 215 children in a former residential school, reminded the nation of indigenous violence.

In 2015, the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission ruled that Canada hadcultural genocideIn the 1870s and 1990s, more than 150,000 indigenous children were forced to attend residential schools across the country.

The residential school system was designed to integrate indigenous children into Canadian society, eliminating government officials at the time who described it as an “Indian problem.” Children were forcibly separated from their parents, brothers, beaten for speaking their native languages, malnourished, physically abused, forced to work, and sexually abused.

On Thursday, the Government of Canada promised to take immediate action to eliminate racism in the health care system. The significance of such an action was underscored by the hearings, which ended this week in Echaquan, a 37-year-old native mother of seven who died at a Quebec hospital after being ridiculed by staff, and the investigation was heard and ignored.

“Your voice has shown how our systems have failed you,” Prime Minister Just Astin Trudeau told a news conference on Thursday.

The government has said it will provide an annual status update on its progress, but has no timeline for achieving its goals. Among other goals, the federal government in 2021. The budget includes $ 1.8 billion (C $ 2.2 billion) over five years to promote racism-free health care and improve access to justice for Indigenous peoples.

Lynn Groels, chief executive of the Native Canadian Women’s Association, said the statement was not clear enough.

“It is a plan to have a plan in the future.”

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