5-star Hydro Claymore likely to arrive in upcoming Inazuma updates

Another leak of Genshin Impact is circulating on the Internet. This time we are talking about a 5-star Claymore user with Hydro Vision.

Some leaks are unclear, but some fans have linked the following leaks. With Mimi, a formerly leaky hero with a strong connection to the Hydro element. At the moment, this leak indicates an anonymous character, so fans can comment on it as they wish.

However, it could be a number of other characters, as there is no official confirmation of who this leaking hero is. Some signs indicate: To Mimi, but there should be a reminder that this could be any other leaking characters.

Leakage of Genshin Impact. Who is this five-star Hydro Claymore player?

So far, the above announcement is the only known leak regarding the upcoming 5-star Hydro Claymore wielder. This mysterious image will be associated with the upcoming Inazuma patches, mi it seems that miHoYo is better at hiding information from leakers.

What is known about this new unit?

The only thing known to beginners about this new unit is that they will be a 5-star unit with Hydro Vision և they will be able to master Claymore in battles. It may be related to another famous character, or it may be a completely new character.

Finally, they are designed for the upcoming Inazuma patch. While this may be a series of patches under the line, it may be a while before Genshin Impact fans get more specific information about who this hero is.

The rest of this article will introduce you to Mimi, who may: have nothing to do with the above leak.

Who is Mimi?

It is not known what kind of weapon Do not do do not do will be used in Genshin Impact, but it is associated with the Hydro element. Usually, Genshin Impact characters have color schemes that are related to their eyesight, և Mimi’s outfit strongly reflects Hydro’s vision.

Some leaks from Genshin Impact indicate that Mimi is a catalyst user, but leaks related to the hero’s weapon of choice were previously wrong (in any case, Albedo does not use a bow in the final version).

As for the information leaked in Genshin Impact, Mimi only has a display model. The above tweet shows some good angles of what he looks like, so Mimi fans can use it if they want.

When did Mimi leak?

Mimi model in Genshin Impact from 1.2. Although he has not been a character like Ayaka for a long time, he is still much longer than most of the other heroes of Go Go’s influence.

Genshin Impact has no shortage of Hydro characters, so if Mimi is not a 5-star Claymore user, that would be nice, as it would mean Genshin Impact would have even more Hydro users.

Other Gensin Impact characters who leaked had little information about them (e.g. Yoimia) MiHoYo may be slowing down leaks, but in the near future fans will still have to wait for more news on the topics in this article.

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