5 NXT stars that can replace the latest WWE releases

NXT is absolutely loaded when it comes to their roster. And the quantity, the quality, from top to bottom of each section is lined with incredible talent. There is always a group ready to expand և fill in the blanks of RAW or SmackDown.

Unfortunately, this is one of those horrible wrestling days when many brilliant wrestlers lost their jobs in another round of WWE talent cuts. While the company will certainly have its reasons, it is never pleasant to see talented people lose their jobs.

This is even more bizarre, though, as some of those released during this phase of the cuts were actively filling places in RAW և SmackDown և mostly used on a regular basis. Aleister Black had just returned after a series of vignettes, Brun Stroemen Just months ago, McMahon wrestled at WrestleMania, and Buddy Murphy, alongside Seth Rollins, spent months at RAW և SmackDown.

With the loss of these iconic personalities on top of previous talent releases they saw, like Samoa Joe, Andrade և IIconics, RAW and SmackDown are looking a bit thinner on the ground, so is WWE definitely discussing NXT? a round of calls.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at which Superstars are ready to move to RAW or SmackDown on NXT.

# 5 NXT Former Champion Finn Balor

Find Balor:
Find Balor:

It seems that it is almost given Find Balor:The time spent on NXT would not be permanent, as the Superstar has too much stellar power not to appear on one of the two leading WWE shows for a long time.

But with this latest collection of talent releases, WWE has never needed Finn Balor’s RAW or SmackDown more than they need right now. Given that he seems to have completed his duties, it seems that they return Balor to the trap sooner rather than later.

Personally, I hope this will happen as soon as possible, as Balor is an undeniable talent that radiates charisma, and the only thing that kept him from being pushed to the top of WWE is some bad injuries.

I hope that luck is in the past,, ալ Balor can inject much-needed energy into WWE shows when he returns to his rightful place at the top’s main event.

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