Which Disney show did YouTuber present as a boxer?

Before entering the world of boxing Ake’s Paul made YouTube videos featuring jokes and rap songs.

“Problem Child” started his professional career on Vine և YouTube in 2014. After his first success on the platform, Paul was called to the Disney Channel to star in a TV show.

Ake Eke Paul played Dirk Mann for two seasons on the Bizarre Show. Paul’s portrayal of Paul was a person who took bold requests from people and then fulfilled them.

After leaving the show, Paul began to focus more on his YouTube career. He got into an argument over his jokes in the videos.

The Disney star then decided to pursue a career in the world of boxing.

Today YouTuber has a professional 3-0 record, all its victories are registered by knockout. His last victory was against former UFC weightlifter Ben Askren, whom Paul put to sleep for 2 minutes during the fight.

Announced date for Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight

Recently, it was rumored that the next yak Paul will fight in his next boxing fight with former UFC champion այր 170 Tyrone Woodley. It became known that the fight is scheduled for August 28.

After the announcement, both fighters took to their social media accounts to spread ads.

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“Tyrone is an experienced striker who has fought some of the best MMA fighters in the world, but the Disney star will be fired in two rounds.” wrote ake ike Paul in his Instagram post.

“Problem Child” also challenged UFC President Dana White to throw money at her former weightlifting champion.

“Maybe this time Dana White is really the man of her word, putting her money on her former champion, instead trying to envy my success like the previous one.”

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