“Terrible balls.” Murali Kartik says the quality of Indian rotating machine guns in home cricket is unprecedented

Murali Kartik: criticized the current Indian spinning balls in the home cricket, saying that the quality is not the same as before. The former Indian left-handed spinner noted that with the exception of a few spinning rods, the rest had no ingredients to succeed in the red ball cricket.

Kartik said upcoming spins should focus more on the game’s longer odds instead of one-day cricket T20:He stressed that rotating bowls can be adapted to shorter bowls after mastering the art of bowling with longer bowls, but the opposite was not always possible.

Appearing on the podcast of “The Last Vicket”, Murali Kartik spoke at length about the quality of Indian rotating bowling in the inner cricket.

“Things have changed, the quality has dropped dramatically. So if you ask me, do we have the spinners we had, no? Like I said, they were just coming down. And I have always said that many of the former spinners who looked at us while we were playing would turn into their graveyards. What are those cannons? Terrible balls. ” Murali Kartik said.

Murali Kartik described how he wrapped himself in a silly point even with limited cricket. In contrast, most of the modern-day rotators, with those in the field at even deeper depths, have a defensive mindset.

The art of spinning bowling is about giving away jackets. Murali Kartik:

Murali Kartik said spinners that do not spin the ball are just slower balls.
Murali Kartik said spinners that do not spin the ball are just slower balls.

Mural Kartik recalled the days when spinners, who actually spun the ball instead of bowling slowly, competed to get on the spot. Ranji Trophy: teams: He felt that the same thing did not exist in the inner realm. Later, speaking about the problem, Kartik added:

“It simply came to our notice then. Look at the quality or skill, you see the rotation of a certain horse. One spinner, as I was told when I first learned to spin from Bishan Bedi, was a man spinning the ball. That is the first thing. The art of spinning bowling is about awarding wickets. That’s why if you look at the years of skills, it only goes down. “

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