Sinatra cries in front of his shrunken fans as Valora plays

Back in March, Riot Games is prohibited Ay Sinatra won over rival Valorant for 6 months.

Riot posted a Competitive governance news article The official Valorant website stated that Sinatraa was banned from playing competitive Valorant. His Valorant team, the Sentinels, also decided to put him in jail and launched an internal investigation. On his behalf, TenZ was paid by Cloud9, which was extended to Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavik. The Sentinels won the recent tournament.

Recently, Sinatra was following Twitch with her boyfriend ShahZaM Khan when she started crying and cursing her life.

Sinatraa cries live on Twitch while playing with Valorant ShahZaM

Riot has a number of rules that they want players to follow.

Riot’s decision stated that:

“Ay Sinatraa Vaughn has violated the 8.1 rule of the World Competition Policy of the CA. September 10 (end of Challenge 3 season er Final Masters event). “He will have the right to return to the Champions League qualifiers.”

Recently, Tenz has always been recruited by Sentinels from Cloud 9 և will play for them from now on. This news affected Sinatra in some way, as he was one of the best players on the team before the ban.

Sinatra was running with Valorant playing with tension, և he suddenly started crying. He looked very sad, running next to his former teammate ShahZaM.

In the stream he said.

“I just want people to know the person. It’s just so sad. F *** my life. “

He wanted to convey this message to his fans, he wanted them to know how sad he was.

ShahZaM, on the other hand, apologized very quickly for accepting Sinatra’s invitation.

He said:

“I was just invited to play, I played. That was frankly wrong. Do not think that I am taking a stand. “

Sinatra needs to finish her professional training, otherwise she will not be able to play competitively Evaluation again. It is obvious that Sinatra is not happy with everything around her, she is really sad for her life. Fans may have to wait a little longer to see their favorite player play again.

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