Fans react when Minecraft star GeorgeNotFound reviews McDonald’s BTS food

GeorgeNotFound’s food reviews have officially returned, much to the delight of the fans, this time it was the BTS meal that was tested.

Recently, the 24-year-old Minecraft star seems to have developed a lot of food-sharing skills on Twitter, giving brilliant reviews of various items. MrBeast Burger Menu: including folk Dream burger.

In his final episode, he slandered the fans, surprising the fans with a unique overview of the BTS dish, consisting of 10 chicken nuggets, coke, large frying pans, two special dipping sauces: Cajun և Sweet Chili.

“BTS food is not available in the UK, but I was enchanted to get these two new sauces. I just realized that I was going to come with some custom packaging, but I got a new one. What about that BTS? ”

The above-mentioned confusion over the lack of personalized BTS-themed packaging was eventually cleared up after he sheepishly informed fans that he thought the rug box should also have special packaging.

Without further ado, GeorgeNotFound then proceeded to review the BTS dish with its trademark humor, which led to online reactions.

GeorgeNotFound x BTS food online wins hearts

The fast food giant McDonalds recently stepped out of the mastery of marketing by bringing in the world-famous septet, the Bangtan Boys, or BTS, for a unique dinner collaboration.

GeorgeNotFound: recently joined the likes of an internet broadcaster The body of the corpse When it came to buying BTS food, he enthusiastically began to share his decision on the subject of a quick sale.

“Okay, but I prefer ketchup with chicken nuggets. I do not know, maybe I’m just bored. Let’s try Cajun sauce. Well, yellow or green, I do not even know why I am pale, I prefer this one to sweet chili, because I feel that it is very sweet. I like this one because it is more spicy. I would actually give this Cajun sauce 8 or 9, I like this very much. Sweet Chili on the other hand, 6, is good. “

He ended his review on a rather adventurous note as he mixed the two sauces together so that he would soon regret his decision.

“Do not do that one, that one is not good. Don’t do that. “

In the light of GeorgeNotFound’s useful food inspection, a number of fans responded to their “clash of worlds” via Twitter.

Many fans have also started speculating on the location of George’s Lodge, given the fact that BTS food is not yet available in the UK.

Responses are coming fast and fast, GeorgeNotFound continues to expand its repertoire of skills, with the “food etymologist” quickly rising to the top of the list.

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