Facebook employees demand changes to Palestinian posts. Report submitted |: Business և economics news

The letter, signed by nearly 200 Facebook employees, urges the company’s management to set up an internal working group to “investigate and address possible biases” in both human and automated content measurement systems, the Financial Times reports.

Nearly 200 Facebook employees have signed a letter urging company executives to address concerns that pro-Palestinian voices on social media are being suppressed by content-scoring systems.

The letter, first reported by the Financial Times (FT), calls on Facebook to take new steps to ensure that pro-Palestinian content is not eliminated, as critics say it happened during last month’s conflict in Gaza. during:

Facebook employees also called on the leadership to “order third-party operations on Arab-Muslim content, and to pass a note by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu describing Palestinian civilians as terrorists,” the FT reported.

The letter further urges Facebook executives to set up an internal working group to “investigate and address potential biases” in both its human and automated content measurement systems, FT reported.

The letter received at least 174 anonymous signatures by a group of “Palestinians @” and “Muslim” workers posted on the company’s internal message board on Tuesday, FT reported.

“As staff, members of the press and members of Congress have pointed out, as reflected in the decline of our App Store rating, our users and the general public feel that we are failing to live up to our commitment to open expression on the situation in Palestine.” The message says:

“We believe that Facebook can և do more to understand our users and restore their trust,” the report said.

The staff also called on the social media giant to commit to hiring more Palestinian talent and to clarify its anti-Semitism policies.

During the Gaza conflict last month, Facebook labeled the words used by Palestinian users, such as “martyr” or “resistance,” as incitement to violence. It seized the Al-Aqsa Mosque after mistakenly linking the shrine to a terrorist organization, according to US media reports.

The Financial Times reported on Sunday that Facebook, the social network owned by Facebook, is changing its algorithm to display more viral messages following concerns raised by users about the Gaza conflict.

“We know there are several issues that have affected people’s ability to share in our programs. “Even though we corrected them, they should never have happened in the first place. We feel sorry for anyone who felt they could not pay attention to important events or believed it was a deliberate pressure on their voices,” Facebook said on Tuesday. h: ,

“We design our policies to give everyone a voice while keeping them safe in our programs; we apply them equally, regardless of who posts them or what their personal beliefs are.”

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