Brett Hart plans to join WWE’s The Bump ahead of A&E Biography

It will be a busy week twice WWE: Famer salon Brett HartThe story of The Hitman ‘s career will be told in this Sunday’ s A&E biography featuring WWE legends and Famers Hall over the past few weeks. But before that, Hart will be hosting WWE’s The Bump tomorrow morning.

WWE celebrates Tag Team Week, բոլոր all of their shows this week feature tag team champions. Brett Hart was halfway through the legendary Hart Foundation with Jim and my The Anvil Neidhart, so he’s definitely eligible to talk about some tag wrestling tomorrow at The Bump.

Brett Hart’s A&E biography will be shown on June 6

Over the past few weeks, looking at what A&E has done with various WWE biographies, it will be interesting to see the story they decide to tell when it comes to Brett Hart.

Hitman is considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, his career deserves to have its own documentary. From his inception at Calgary Stampede to his slow burn in the WWE, his stint as a star, his time with the WCW when he suffered a career injury, there are many stories to tell.

The only WWE-related A&E biography that has received overwhelmingly negative reviews so far has been Macho Man Randy Save’s biography. I hope Brett Hart’s episode does not leave the WWE universe feeling the way they did when Savage’s biography ended.

Will you be joining A&E this Sunday to check out Brett Hart’s biography? What do you think he should say to The Bump on Wednesday morning? Let us know what you think by clicking on the comments section below.

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