Battlegrounds Mobile India will get much better involvement from the community than PUBG Mobile got before the ban. Ujjwal «Techno Gamerz» Chaurasia:

Battlegrounds Mobile India The arrival is highly anticipated by the nation’s mobile gaming community, which has taken place since PUBG Mobile was banned last year. And when Krafton finally announced its official release, the excitement among fans was somewhat contagious.

In the wake of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s popular GTA YouTuber, Ujjwal “Techno Gamerz” Chaurasia believes it will have more involvement than PUBG Mobile before the ban.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Esports’ Abhishek Mallick, Ujwal shared his expectations from Battlegrounds Mobile India ինչպես how he feels the upcoming title will change the mobile esports scene in India.

Here is an excerpt from the interview.

H. You have been one of the favorite creators of gaming content in India playing PUBG Mobile. So what has life been like for you since PUBG Mobile was banned in India last year?

Techno Gamerz: Before the ban on PUBG mobile phones in India, I always played և live broadcast of this game, but after the ban I started to focus more on other games like GTA 5, Minecraft, Hitman և many other titles in this series.

I also got great support from the audience, I continued to play new games in the same way.

H. How did you feel when the Indian replay of the game, Battlegrounds Mobile India, was officially announced?

Techno Gamerz: Right now, BGMI has been officially announced, և I’m excited. I remember those old days when we landed in Pochinki անում completely crazy about the game; it was so much fun

So when the official launch takes place, I will stay awake for a night or two as I am already very excited about the arrival of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

H. How are you different from Battlegrounds Mobile India when compared to PUBG Mobile?

Techno Gamerz: I think the game will be almost the same, but the players of the Indian version will not be able to play with the players of the global version. It is an Indian outfit about coming outև The color of the blood may turn green or blue.

H. How drastically do you think the Indian mobile sports scene will change with the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Techno Gamerz: The Indian և sports և sports industry is already booming և return PUBG mobile as BGMI will catalyze its growth many times over in the future.

Question. For better or worse, how do you feel about Battlegrounds Mobile India influencing titles like Free Fire Call Call of Duty? Mobile »:

Techno Gamerz: After the ban on PUBG Mobile, other titles were advertised, such as Call of Duty և Free Fire, և new players appeared on the ship. But if Battlegrounds Mobile India returns, there is a good chance that players who have gone to another fighting grand piano game will return, especially after the huge uproar surrounding BGMI.

H. Returning to the title of Crafton in India, how exactly will your professional career as a content creator change?

Techno Gamerz: My plan is that if Battlegrounds Mobile India returns, I will continue to play all the games on my main channel, Techno Gamerz, but live on another channel, Battlegrounds Mobile India.

H. In terms of investment, what involvement do you feel that Battlegrounds Mobile India might bring to the scene after its official launch??

Techno Gamerz: I think if Battlegrounds Mobile India comes back, it will get better engagement than before because people have been waiting for it so much, they want it from the bottom of their hearts too.

Besides, the level of excitement is so high that those who have not played for the first time will play now.

H. Do you feel that India will have its own version of PUBG Mobile, especially when it comes to fair competition in sports?

Techno Gamerz: I can not say 100%. But, yes, I think there are some complications. If they see, the versions of the game in China և Korea are completely different.

H. Due to the ban on PUBG Mobile last year, many sports talents and hosts started playing new games. From the player base քանի How many online individuals do you feel the game is back?

Techno Gamerz: Yes, some esports players and broadcasters have started play new games After the blocking of PUBG Mobile, but now, if Battlegrounds Mobile India returns, they will play again.

However, I think they will play it halfway. I will personally try new games as well.

H. Will most of your time now be spent playing Battlegrounds Mobile India after its official launch? What can fans expect from your future streams?

Techno Gamerz: Then: official launch Through Battlegrounds Mobile India, I will try to make one to two live streams a week, play with my subscribers, host some tournaments that I will also be attending.

H. Do you plan to enter the competitive side of Battlegrounds Mobile India after that?has been launched

Techno Gamerz: This has been my hobby from the beginning և I have played a lot of PUBG Mobile sports tournaments with my team. So after the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India I would like to focus on that side.

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