“Went to Javed Miandad’s house and had a great laugh”

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He actually revealed that he later went to Miandad’s house for dinner while he was in Pakistan, and they both laughed heartily.

Miyandad և Kiran Mor was caught in an oral fight between India and Pakistan in 1992. During the intense clash of the World Cup, which culminated in the Pakistani bat, which mocked the famous Mori behind the fractures.

During the Curtly & Karishma Show on YouTube, Kieran Moore revealed that India had returned to Pakistan only what it had received from the beating. He, however, clarified that no hostility was removed from the field.

Returning the incident, the 58-year-old man said.

“Ave Aved (Miandad) had a back injury. I kept telling the shooters, bring the pot to him, do not make him a pot. If you throw it short, even with the back problem, it will be easy for him to make the cut. So he was disappointed. He tried to get the ball in the middle and cover it, but the ball did not go. “

Regarding the confrontation between the two, Kieran Moore added:

“In Hindi he said, ‘Do not worry, we will win this game easily.’ And I said, go to hell, we will win this game. And here was a complaint from Sachin Tendulkar. I thought he was caught. I complained, և ave aved cursed at me. I told him to shut up, he told me the same thing. Then the appeal ended when I jumped and whipped the trunks. And he began to imitate me. I returned it to him. I covered my mouth with my hand. That’s when mike was used. David Sheffard came in and said ave aved. “If you do it again, I will send you off the ground.”

The former stamps, however, revealed that both later captured Pakistan and laughed about it. Kieran Moore said.

“After that I went to Pakistan. Ave aved called me. I went to his house for dinner. “We had a great time until 4 in the morning, we had a great laugh.”

There was too much pressure in that game. Kiran More

Giving the background to the incident, Kieran Moore explained that the players were under a lot of pressure because it was the first clash between India and Pakistan at the World Cup.

According to the former president of the voters, the tension played in the middle. Kiran explained more.

“Javed is a good friend of mine. But that match, we first played in the 1992 World Cup. So there were a lot of crowds everywhere from India. It was not crowded, but the crowd was making a lot of noise, we were under pressure. It was difficult for us to return to India.

“When we died, they gave us a lot. When we went to the folding fold, there were Moin Khan, ave aved Miandad, Salim Malik. Everyone was around us. Imran (Khan), on his own, he would do something. So when we got on the field, I was the team leader to give it back to them. I started it, then Sachin (Tendulkar), Kapil (DJ), everyone was charged. We wanted to win that game. And I started talking to Aamir Sohail, and then ave aved came in, “concluded Kiran More.

In the end, India won the match with 43 runs. The man of the game, Sachin Tendulkar’s undefeated 54, moved 216 to India, first with 7 fights. In response, Pakistan managed only 173.

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