Top 5 most disturbing cosmetics

One of Fortnite’s biggest money makers was cosmetics. After all, free games are limited to the ways in which a company can make money. However, Fortnite found a golden egg with their cosmetics. From fans’ favorite Marvel characters to initially designed Fortnite horror characters, skins have been a huge draw for gamers over the years.

Not only that, but the accompanying bases, the sheets and the backs with the bling pushed the players to the store. Most of Fortnite’s popularity is getting a cool skin that matches the back of the bling, gloom և sheet. Basically, they come up with great cosmetics that players will appreciate. But they are not all hits. Over the years, Fortnite has created some disturbing cosmetics.

Fortnite’s most disruptive cosmetics

5) Gnashers Pickaxe:

The buyers go with it Big mouth skin, which in itself is scary. Long, sharp teeth և hanging tongue are creepy. Taking it, doubling it, putting it on a double support is just annoying. The eyes are horrible, and the teeth and tongue under each handle are a simple trick.

4) Agent Stone Beck-Bling

Agent Stone Back-Bling is part of the Snakes & Stones Challenge Pack. The back-bling is just Agent Stone’s floating head on the player’s back. With the rest of the challenge box, it does not look too bad, but regardless of any other circumstances, the players run the stone head on their backs. Even the picture of the “Item Store” seems disturbing.

Agent Stone
Agent Stone with the bling. Image via Reddit

3) blower

Teef is a skin that has been added all around Fortnitemares: In this case, the players would fight as they did for the usual 100 players for Battle Royale, but with zombie spawners on the map. These zombies were going to loot well, and so were their spawners, but that made it harder to fight them, knowing that to do that you had to stand in the open air, leaving you open to other players.

The topic, obviously, was that to be afraid, so in this sense we succeeded in this sense. However, it succeeded for a reason other than the original designers could have predicted. Teef, to put it mildly, is disturbing. Faceless և The pink mucus emitted unites really irritating skin.

Beef skin at Fortnite.  Image via Ever4Day
Beef skin at Fortnite. Image via Ever4Day

2) Nite Nite և Peekaboo:

Nite Nite և Peekaboo: were added to the game just before Halloween 2018. According to the themes, they were quite scary. The standard variations of each were male-female clowns, respectively. However, some forms of personalization caused them to develop a sincere fear. The creepy setting is standard, but the creepy version is controversial. For a game that has younger players, this game is a bit shocking.

1) Rabbit Raider:

Rabbit Raider does not seem to be very annoying, but a closer look reveals why that skin frankly awful, Pink color scheme may be welcome, but the rest of the skin is scary. It wears a Jason Voorhees-esque hockey mask. Players who have seen the horror movie Don Darko will notice similarities between the two.

Rabbit Raider.  Image via Sportskeeda
Rabbit Raider. Image via Sportskeeda
Rabbit Raider is similar to Donkey Darko Frank.  Image via SyFy Wire
Rabbit Raider is similar to Donkey Darko Frank. Image via SyFy Wire

It is safe to say that Fortnite is capable of producing strange, scary and disturbing cosmetics.

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